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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Honeymoon @ The Maldives - Rise and Shine

Dreaming Deeper than the Ocean

The Water Villa was spacious and comfy. Not too big, not too small. Just nice. The bed was so comfortable that i slept in most of the time. The beaches may be tempting to walk around on, the sea may be so beautiful that i need to take a swim... but just felt so heavy to leave the bed. 


My wife was waiting for the sunrise while i was in bed. Told her to wake me up when the sun rises and i will just take a look. Headed back to bed after. haha.

Ok. Lets not waste our time sleeping till evening. Time to walk around. Find some food.

Good Bye Home
Lovely Beaches Along the Water Villa
Grab Some Food at the Restaurant
Buffet Brunch !
The Swimming Pool
Do Not Disturb Sign
Grab Our Snorkeling Gears

Lovely place. Restaurant was nice. Buffet was fine. They also have a bar that serves food, a la carte style and having light entertainment like pool table and play stations. The resorts also houses the common facilities such as Gym, Tennis and SPA. Now, lets check out the water.

Instand Water Access!
Test Swim

How Clear is the Water?
Too Clear!
Lovely Swim, all for my own.
Just Cant Stop Falling in Love
Spotted Danger....
Lovely Day, Sunset

It was quite a enjoyable swim. Lovely house reef, well taken care. Baby black tip sharks are interesting add-on to the reef, maintaining proper balance. The waves may be a bit rough due to the strong wind. Bad point.

A tiring happy and satisfying day. Nothing is better than having a buffet for two after a long swim in the rough ocean. They have movie night down at the bar later on. That's where we will be having cocktails before bed.

Stay Tuned for More


Adam said...

looks like paradise

The Yum List said...

What an incredible view to wake up to.

Rose World said...

So relaxing and divine. What a paradise.

mun said...

Thank you for letting us live through your lovely experience in the Maldives! Beautiful photos! Can't wait to read more.

Nux V said...

Beautiful pictures, crystal clear water and wonderful sunsets! I was wondering if those baby sharks bite?

novingate20 ya said...

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Choo Say said...

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