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Friday, 24 March 2017

Honeymoon @ The Maldives - Getting There

Finally, our turn to say, Honeymoon!

Our Honeymoon begins. Departing to Male, the capital of Maldives. With over 300km2 of tropical land, over three hundred fifty thousand in population. Home to sunni muslims. Having lovely climate with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Good thing, mostly speaks English here. Perhaps due to the high volume of tourist visiting.

Flights are not frequent and few airline does not include Maldives in their destination. Good thing in Malaysia, budget airline AirAsia have direct flights to Maldives, however, about two to three time a week. Maldives have great tourist visa policies, a free 30days visa on arrival. 

Arriving at Male International Airport, located on Hulhule Island next to capital Male. Quite a disappointment on our arrival, as usual you need to fill in the arrival/departure paper. The writing stands have no pen with "ink" left to use and we forget to bring pens! Immigration officers don't seems friendly, not approachable types. Fortunately we found few people gathering at one of the corners as that's the only place with a pen with ink. Remember, bring your own pen!

At exit, all tourist was stopped to have their luggage checked. Didn't know that we were not allowed to bring alcohol. Although we would only drink them at the hotel, in private. Our beloved wine bottle was taken by the custom, fortunately can be claimed back when leaving the country. Remember, just buy them at the resort/hotel.

Hello Maldives Sea!!

We arrived in the evening, so there is no transport to our "island resort". Boat and Seaplanes to Island Resorts are only during the daytime, especially long distance. So we booked a hotel closer to the Airport for the night. Hotel Lonuveli, about 15min away from airport. Beautiful budget hotel and providing excellent airport transfer services and coordination with your island resort (your Island Resort will also coordinate with your temporary Hotel, so make sure to inform them the details). Service was excellent. Rooms are comfortable and clean.

Hotel Lonuveli

Having astonishing view of the ocean and sun rise. Lovely morning. Having pleasant simple and comfort breakfast close to the coast. Feeling of the tropical ocean breeze. Honestly, i would have stayed here another night.

The Ocean

Knowing we are catching the earliest seaplane the next day. They ensure check outs and transfers are well prepared. Had our lovely breakfast and prepared to visit our beautiful island resort. The driver will drop us as Male International Airport were we will meet our island resort staff, where he will check us in and direct us for the Seaplane transfer. Everything was taken care of.

Seaplane Airport
The Seaplane
Our Seaplane Ticket!

Our island resort is located 151 kilometres away from Male International Airport. So the fastest way to get there will be a direct seaplane transfer, about 35mins. To take note that flight schedules are also subject to weather conditions. Price are also subject to season. We are here during the peak season so expecting seaplane to cost about USD485/person. Smiles*. Bringing kids? Bring them while they are below 2 years old or you will be charged USD289/kids. Ha-ha.

Next up. Seaplane and Arrival to Resort.


Rose World said...

Maldives is so beautiful and serene. Lovely destination for honeymooners.

mun said...

maldives is a popular place for people who loves the sea. enjoy!

suituapui said...

Beautiful place! But I heard it would get flooded and the islands would disappear underwater - mid-1980's when we had people from there taking an English teaching course at a college where I was undergoing a specialist course in KL - dunno if it is still like that or not.

The Yum List said...

The seaplane is a lovely ride, but sooo expensive! Happy honeymoon you two! xo

Nux V said...

that seaplane is soooooo expensive! enjoy ur honeymoon!

Stacy said...

Wow dream honeymoon!

Since it's a premium destination though, I'd have thought they would make it easier for guests i.e. synch the flight arrival with the boat/seaplane transfer times.

Irvine Chin said...

Rose indeed. hehe.

Mun was a paradise. hope i could stay longer!

Suituapui, that would happen, and always would happen, but just did not happen YET. haha. marketing tactic.

Yum List yes i do wonder why so expensive! thanks!

Nux, it could allow us to have another trip with that cost. tsk tsk.

Stacy, they do synch. only, sometimes our arrival time was pretty late.

Choo Say said...

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