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Friday, 31 March 2017

Honeymoon @ The Maldives - Lets Fly!

Seaplane Airport

It was a bright sunny day. As fleecy clouds moved across the sun, we embrace the warm sea breeze and the amazing scenery of the seaplane airport. Waiting for our departure call at the main building. Everything was taken care of, so we just sit back and relax.

Once we were called, we will be guided to a small air conditioned departure hall before we can board the plane. Good thing, complimentary cold bottled waters! Unlimited. We grabbed a few extras and keep. 

Getting On!
Seaplane Interior
The Newly Weds

Definitely a thrilling experience for first timers. The plane was really small and congested. Fitting about ten passengers with luggage stacked at the back of the plane and one crew. Definitely very scary on bad weather conditions. Easily catch motion sickness but once the plane is up in the air will be much better. No air condition till take off, darn. Feeling sick already*.

Lovely View of the Maldives
So many boats!
View of Other Resorts

Definitely a great experience. Since the Maldives are mainly small islands, so you get the view the islands Maldives from air. The resorts island was really beautiful with their water villa branching our to the ocean.

Best thing, when landing at our resort island, we were landed slightly away from the island, at a mini wooden floating airport. It was so fun but scary as the wave was pretty strong. 

Floating Airport
Staying Cool for the Photo
Ferry Arrived for Rescue!

I believed we waited about 15min plus for the ferry to arrive. Despite the exciting experience to be on the wooden platform out at sea. Still quite the frustrating on the bad timing of the ferry, because it was quite dangerous. The weather was bad, almost started to rain, the wave was strong, we could fall off if we did not hold tightly to the railing strongly fixed to the wooden platform. But anyway, focusing on the fun part!

Furaveri Island Resort and Spa!

Our Maldivian Experience Begins!


Adam said...

I hear small planes are often very scary

Irvine Chin said...

Adam i totally agree. haha.

mun said...

What a memorable honey moon! The part to get to the resort by plane and ferry sounds so scary to me.

The Yum List said...

That was bad timing on behalf of the ferry. There shouldn't be too much of an excuse as they should be able to call ahead - unless the weather is too bad, and in that case, you'd hope they wouldn't just leave you out there!

Kati said...

What a place to stay and spend your honeymoon!


Irvine Chin said...

Mun thanks. Its true, the experience was scary but trilling.

YumList, yes, the timing should be quite right. 1-5min delay seems reasonable but it was away longer. really scary with the strong waves and all.

Kati agreed ;)

Choo Say said...

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Jack Marvin said...

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