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Monday, 16 January 2017

Taste Kitchen @ Mercato Mall

Mercato Mall

Just before the new year we went to one of my favourite mall, the Mercato Mall. Looking for somethings to do. So we decided for the usual activities. Shopping. Movie. Dinner.

Taste Kitchen

We have seen this restaurant numerous times. Very interesting interior. Cosy environment. Not sure how's the food like. Wasn't really high rating on the web. Guess it's time now. Time to give Taste Kitchen a try. 

My Wife
The Husband

We had the Salmon Pasta and Wagyu Cheese Burger. Very tasty and balanced. Our drink the Mint and Cucumber, was well done. Very refreshing. Enjoyed the simple complementary appetiser with vege sticks and nice sauces. Well worth our money and time. Love this place.

Wagyu Cheese Burger (AED60)
Smoked Salmon Paste (AED58)

Booo to online reviews. This place deserve better. Portion may be slightly small but it was really well balanced actually.

Location : Taste Kitchen, Mercato Mall, Ground,
           Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Time     : 10am - 10pm (Weekend 12Midnight)
Cuisine  : European

Rating   : 4.0/5.0
Critics  : Plating was quite off. Pasta on a small bowl, looks like a dog bowl. Does not help anything. Burger on a small cutting board.  Looks good but created a whole mess around the table.

Will i be back? Already wanted.


Adam said...

That's quite a burger there

The Yum List said...

Food looks fresh and the setting seems 'happy.' :-)

suituapui said...

They celebrate Christmas there? How ironic. Banned in Brunei, so nothing there every year.

Kati said...

Good to hear you had a great time!


mun said...

The pickled gherkin on the burger looks so lonely, hahaha. Great to hear that the food taste good. The smoked salmon pasta looks very, very creamy.

Irvine Chin said...

Indeed Adam.

YumList the place was lovely. love it.

Suituapui, i believed the middle east moves on faster than asia. Dubai is actually being very open towards differences.

Thanks Kati

Very true, burger looks pitiful haha.

Merryn said...

I would so love the wagyu burger. While I am used to being served burgers on cutting boards, I find it weird too that they serve pasta in a bowl like that.

Rose World said...

I would want to taste the wagyu burger. I guess it is individual preference and opinion. Some will like it while other is no.

I bet you would be back to try other dishes on the menu over here.

Irvine Chin said...

Merryn yeah quite used to cutting boards too but still always find them difficult hehe.

Rose you will lose wagyu burger. yummy.

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