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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Supporting Datuk Lee, Dubai World Superseries Finals

Hamdan Sports Complex 

Few weeks back there was the Dubai World Superseries Finals at the Hamdan Sports Complex just behind the Global Village. Definitely worth the visit watching star quality players as they battle it out in the Badminton match up.

Datuk Lee, Respect.

Of course, our one and only reason being here was to support our fellow Malaysian Datuk Lee Chong Wei (World No.1). Definitely the most famous player, the only one with a grand entrance.

GoGoGo! Datuk Lee!
Datuk Lee In Action

Unfortunately for our aged Datuk Lee to be matched up with the young, tall and rising star Viktor Axelsen (Denmark). Datuk Lee lost, 14-21, 21-14, 21-19. Datuk Lee definitely did not perform as how he could. No idea why. Was a disappointing match for sure. Datuk Lee previous matches was also quite badly played. Anyway, Viktor Axelsen was the Men's Singles Champion.

Men's Double

Our men's double made us proud again. Champion. Kudos to Goh and Tan.

Next up, NYE celebration.


The Yum List said...

Oh wow. I'm not a sports fan, but my hubby would sure love to be there.

Adam said...

In America, most everyone watches is football. Which is untrue for every other country except maybe canada. Football is non-existent and "football" is what we call soccer in other countries

Rose World said...

I watched the matches. LCW was not 100%, he had some injuries. And yes, happy for the men doubles.

mun said...

so nice of you both to go support them as I don't think there will be many people supporting them in the audience.

Stacy said...

When you're living out of the country a while, you feel more kinship with fellow Malaysians right. :)

Irvine Chin said...

I believed so YumList.

Adam i guess its American Football. Rugby?

Rose thanks for the info, at least i know he was injured. Not too disappointing then.

Mun, probably at least 70 percent of the audience were cheering for Datuk Lee. It was insane.

Stacy very true :P

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