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Friday, 28 October 2016

Staying Home, Having Prax's Delicious Takeaway Boxes

Feeling the desperate need of seating on the comfy sofa. Holding and eating some delicious comfort food while catching up with some entertaining English and Hong Kong series. The Flash. The Green Arrow. The Walking Dead. Come Home Love Home. Etc. Well definitely Prax's is a good idea.

Prax's Open Kitchen Concept

One of the high rating takeaway boxes restaurant in Dubai. Probably one of the best Chinese food when comes to reasonable price. They do have few selection of starters, salads and main courses. And their signature "go freestyle" by simply putting together your own unique combo. Selecting  your base such as egg noodles, jasmine rice, soba noodles or etc. Choosing your protein type such as pawns, chicken and etc. Next sauce of black pepper, red curry, chill basil and etc. Lastly toppings (3picks) such as cabbage, mushroom, broccoli, red onion, corn, bak choy and etc. Simply mix all together and placed in the takeaway boxes!

Time to Chow!
Four Boxes for Two Please! LOL!

We had the Sweet and Sour Prawn (AED38), Red Curry Beef (AED38), Green Curry Chicken (AED32) and our own mix for Green Curry Chicken (AED32). Depending what you pick the prices will varies. Love their curries, very tasty and not spicy. Probably a little spicy will be much better and more flavourful.

Location : Prax's
           Jumeirah Beach Road, Near Marcatto Mall,
           Jumeirah 1, Dubai

           & 1 Rise Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai
Time     : 11.00am to Midnight
Tel      : 80077297
Cuisine  : Chinese, Thai

Rating   : 4.0/5.0
Critics  : Poor seatings and interiors, more like a takeaway concept. Lovely food however, lack variety, perhaps something you would get bored quickly.

Will i be back? Sure! Already did.!


Adam said...

sounds like a nice place

mun said...

Sweet and Sour Prawn and Red Curry Beef sound delicious! :)

Small Kucing said...

aha...seems like takeaway is better :)

Irvine Chin said...

Adam better in takeaways.

Mun yes its actually pretty good. hehe.

Small kuching yup. is always fun and make food taste more yummy in takeaway boxes.

suituapui said...

Covenient, I guess.

Irvine Chin said...

having that extra kick too ;P

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