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Friday, 30 September 2016

The City Walk and HubZero

Hi Guys!

Was a pleasant day today. Sunny but not too hot. Today we will be hanging out with Jon and Ben again. This time we are going to the City Walk. Lovey place. Huge area, interesting contemporary and natural lighting interior design. With variety of luxury retails and high rating restaurants.

The City Walk
Kidzania Bus!

Well, we were practically bored and just needed something to do.. haha. We chilled and walked around the City Walk. Had dinner at The Butcher Shop and Grill. Then we headed to Hub Zero! Live The Game!

Hub Zero, Live the Game!

Hub Zero. One interesting indoor entertainment where you will be entering a universe where the real and the virtual worlds collides. Using cutting-edge virtual experiences that bring video games to life through advanced and innovative tech. Created in partnership with leading game developers including Electronic Arts, Capcom, KONAMI, Microsoft and Square Enix.

Location : HubZero, Citywalk, Dubai
Opening Time : 10am/12pm till Midnight
Recruit Pass - AED 160
Access all attractions once.
Master Pass - AED 210
Unlimited Access to all Ground Floor Attractions.
Hacker Pass - AED 260
Fast Pass, Unlimited Access to Ground Floor Attractions.
Child Pass - AED 95
Valid for Plants vs. Zombies Tiny Track Racers and Double Agent.
Parent Pass -  AED 55
AED 55 credit can be redeemed on Ground Floor Attractions, F&B and in Cache Point.

Ben Getting Excited

Here you see famous games separated to their own game cabins. 

Such as Battlefield where you work as team to annihilate the enemy on this top mission. 

FF7 Escape from Midgar where you will experience a 3D immersion tunnel featuring an omni-directional motion platform where riders join the main characters in their escape from Midgar. 

Resident Evil where you will have 3D glasses and laser guns to take down zombies inside the umbrella corp lab. And many more.

Resident Evil Game Station

My favourite will be Gears of War. Entering the training ground of epic battle between good and evil. Where you shoot the other team with our laser guns to get points and capture the box for additional points. Similar with laser guns.

Penalty Kick Competition!
She Scores!

The Hero Zone was pretty fun experience. Where we do an ariel rope course, climbing walls, high-rise leap of faith and etc that will test your limits. Definitely not for the faint of heart! I definitely had a hard to climbing the walls... my weight...


Our last stop was HyperDrive. Four high-tech single seater driving simulators as close as it gets to the real thing. Great thing we had four person. I won! :D 

Overall it was a great experience. However, i do believed most of the games could be made better, with more thrill and excitement which was lacking on most of them.


Adam said...

That looks so fun

mun said...

HubZero sounds so fun! My spouse would love it if they have it here in KL.

Irvine Chin said...

Adam gamers place.

Mun probably your spouse would! it was quite interesting place to go at least once.

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