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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Steak Hunt, What's Your Best Beef Cuts?

What's the best beef cuts? What's the best part for you? Since they are usually the expensive items in the menu, it is really worth understanding how each one is different and which you would like better than the other. Me and my partner have been going steak hunting a couple of months now including cooking at home by ourselves. Just to know which cuts we like best. Tenderloin. Sirloin. Striploin. Rib-eye. T-Bone. Prime-rib. Etc. They are of different parts, hence providing variance in tenderness, texture, taste and etc. 

This time we were having our shopping at Mall of Emirates, so we decided to head to The Butcher Shop and Grill for our next steak hunt. They are well known for their in-house meat preparation, one of the best steakhouse and burgers. We tried two of their top cuts in the house, the T-Bone/Porterhouse (AED159, 550g) and Prime-Rib/Bone-in Rib-Eye (AED159, 550g).

These cuts are one of my top list due to their huge amount of delicious meat nicely cut, with the bone. A cut that suits me well as i do eat a lot and i love lots of juicy meat.

The T-bone, according to some regulations i found online, its width defines its classification for either porterhouse (1.25") or T-bone (5"). Having best of both worlds, one side of the T-Bone you get the tender Tenderloin and on the other side is the tasty and juicy Striploin.

Primerib... as the other name states quite clear it is the Rib-Eye cut. Rich flavour and juicy tenderness, with generous marbling throughout. Definitely majestic looking even before cooking. Definitely my type of steak, having a rich and beefier flavour.

Marbling are one of the key factors that plays a huge role in determining how delicious the meat can be and definitely defines its quality grades. Stay tune for next Steak Hunt.


Adam said...

I don't eat meat, but I think my wife would like to try that steak. She probably doesn't think there's such a thing as a bad steak, just good and better steaks

suituapui said...

What are all those dips with the bread? That one beside it, beef stew? I think I would enjoy that order.

The Yum List said...

Steak hunt!

Coffee Girl said...

what perfect looking steaks!

Rose World said...

I seldom eat beef steak.

mun said...

Tenderloin is the part I will order. T-bone is too tough for me.

Irvine Chin said...

Haha Adam. Probably the over cooked ones.

Hey Suituapui, those are complimentary starters. Breads with dips of butter and the other two are some sort of mix with olives. The "stew" thingy was actually sausages with its sauce.

YumList, Thumbs Up.

Hey Coffee Girl. Long time no see.

Rose, guess u haven't found ur steak!

Mun probably you could go for the rib eye, slightly less tender but must juicier.

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