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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pokemon GO - I Got Pikachu as my Starter!

Pokemon was one of my childhood favourite anime. I did want to be a Pokemon master just like Ash Ketchum before. LOL. Their first season was a hit for sure. Next playing the Pokemon video games. It was pretty easy because i am good at it. cough* Getting into Pokemon game cards. Didn't last long as don't have much company but i did have quite a huge collection.

Finally, it took them (adults) really long to finally come up with this idea, Pokemon GO. I believe most of us, but definitely myself have already thought of this game style since childhood time. But what in my mind was definitely better than this. But overall to create a game such as Pokemon GO is no easy task. Love this game and hoping there will be some sort of player vs player battle style and much more to come. 

Well back to topic. Pikachu as starter. I was surprise many Pokemon lovers did not noticed this. In Pokemon games whenever you see Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle at the beginning. There is definitely something you need to do to get the Pikachu (Following the anime). For Pokemon GO for most of you already knew, just walk away and back a few times, and Pikachu will finally appear.

There you are Pika Pika!

Ok peeps. My Pokemon journeys started "really late". But i am coming! Gonna catch all Middle East Pokemon and beat your ****. Screw GPS, need to leave my apartment and out on the streets just to get the Pikachu. 


suituapui said...

I blogged about my "antique" Pokemon collector's file just the other day but no, I don't play. I don't have a smartphone, can;t download the game.

Yee Ling said...

Hahha...I will let my kids know the tips to catch pika pika. Unfortunately they have not get any Pika yet..hhaha but they have one or two which are rare one over here.

The Yum List said...

I don't know what to say... I'm not a Pokemon fan so I'm having difficulty understanding the current craze ;-) but I guess I should congratulate you - Pika's a good one to catch? :-)

Adam said...

I haven't played Pokemon Go but I'm excited for the new 3DS game this November

mun said...

Hah, so you are a Pokemon Go player. Hope you catch many and level up!

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui yeah saw that. quite a good collection there. kids will love it. i am more towards the video game hehe.

Yee Ling believe your kids will love going out for walks and jogs now. good exercise lol. ! i heard taman jaya have plenty of pika.

Hi YumList, if you don't know pokemon you will never understand the craze and find it pretty crazy LOL.Yup Pika is the main character.

Adam i am too =)

Mun yup. hehe. I will !!

Merryn said...

Aiyer! I found a Pikachu in Melaka, right smack in front of the hotel entrance we were staying. Just as I was about to catch it, 'GPS not found'! Gargh! I have yet to find another Pikachu todate :'(

Irvine Chin said...

Merryn thats sad. ermmm... ur kids or u playing!? haha.

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