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Thursday, 28 July 2016

My dream ~ Beef Wellington @ Bread Street Kitchen

Breakfast - Long Life Noodle with Abalone

Live everyday like it was your birthday. Well, it was my birthday. When our birthday approaches we always started wishing for something good. I always had a dream since i was quite young. Maybe around primary school. When i watched my idol celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay demonstrating his Beef Wellington preparation and cooking in his Masterchef television show. I was like "wow", that's my kind of dish. And i have always been wanting to try it. Well takes many years though.

Complimentary Bread

To make my dream come true this year. Yes. My Wifey have brought me to one of Gordan Ramsay restaurant in Dubai. Probably the only one. The Dubai edition of Gordan Ramsay's famous Bread Street Kitchen in London. Lovely contemporary warehouse design styled restaurant serving British European cuisines. Click here for Irvine's Experience in Bread Street Kitchen London.

Facing the Kitchen

The menu was filled with very interesting dishes from roasted cod to duck breast which we wanted to try. Well since our sole purpose here tonight is to make my dream come true. Hence we will settle for the Beef Wellington Platter (for two person). Definitely something to die for, tender and juicy beef, medium cooked, encased in a minced mushroom well seasoned and covered with very flavourful puff pastry shell. It also comes with roasted caramelised carrots, smooth and aromatic truffle mash and lovely marrowbone sauce.

Beef Wellington (AED545.00)

The beef wellington was awesome. No regrets. Still wanting to have it again. Anyway, felt that the pastry was slightly thick and buttery. The truffle mash... dam! Probably one of the best mash i ever had. Probably the truffles gave it that extra kick. Love the bonemarrow sauce, not too strong in flavour, goes well with the whole dish. (Personal sharing : did felt like having those meat pastry from the bakeries. LOL). For drinks we shared still water (AED33.00) and had some african red wine (AED45.00/glass).

Complimentary Birthday Cake

Thanks to the Bread Street Kitchen team for the complimentary birthday cake! Believe it was chocolate mousse cake. But was very very very delicious.  I can't stop! Watch the weight Irvine!.

Location : Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
           Atlantis The Palm
           Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Time     : Generally 12.30pm to 4.00pm, 6.00pm to 10.30pm (weekends 11.30pm)
Tel      : +971 426 2626
Cuisine  : British / European

Rating   : 4.5/5.0
Critics  : I have been always looking forward for the first dish on the table. And that's usually the complimentary breads. Well, nothing special for this restaurant. I was having high hopes since the name was BREAD Street Kitchen.

Will i be back? Sure! Beef Wellington Seconds!


Thanks Wifey! Birthday Present Year 2016.


Kati said...

Not for me since I don#t eat animals, but great to hear you had a good time!


The Yum List said...


Adam said...

Happy birthday

mun said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! What a nice gesture from your wife. I have not eaten beef wellington before but it really looks delicious and is so expensive but since celebrating your birthday, however expensive also is worth it.

Irvine Chin said...

Understood Kati~

YumList, thumb up.

Adam thanks.!

Thanks Mun. We waited for my bday to enjoy this meal. yes bcoz very costly hehe.

suituapui said...

Belated birthday greetings! Wahhhhh!!! Abalone! Sure will be prosperous in the year ahead, worth its weight in gold here - the canned ones, under lock and key at the supermarket counters!!!

Nux V said...

happy belated birthday! may u & wifey have great years ahead!

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Suituapui!! haha yes first time having abalone in the morning LOL.

NuxV thanks! =))

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