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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Having Delicious Milkshakes @ Shakeism Milkshakes

Taste the Revolution

I am not really a milkshake kind of person. Would usually go for Soda than Milkshakes. I started getting interested in milkshakes after watching the "Green Arrow" series. Where the "White Canary" likes to dip her fries in the milkshakes. Looks delicious. Well indirectly most of us do it when we were young while having McDonalds Sundae and Fries.

I have gotten more interested when i had one of the best shakes and burgers in town at Shake Shack. Delicious. Then.. came across this Shakiesm Milkshakes in the internet. Highly recommended. So why not? Lets do it!

Shakeism Milkshakes

One hidden gem for milkshakes. A small cafe hidden in Barsha 1. Close to Mall of Emirates. Shakeism Milkshakes probably not known to you and you would have passed it many times without noticing it was there.

The Cafe
The Waffles

For milkshakes (AED24.00) we had the hit-list shakes Cheese Cake Killer with cheesecake, digestive biscuits and blueberry; Viva La Shake with dairy milk cadbury, area and choco chip cookie and Full Metal Jacket with banana, nutella and ferrero rocher. You can also create your own (AED20.00) and adding cost per flavour (AED3.00).

For some bites we had the original soft and crunchy belgian liege waffles (AED10.00). You can have it plain or with nutella, biscuit spread or chocolate fudge. And the delicious rebellious oozy gooey nacho grilled cheese sandwich. The Bandito (AED14.00). 

Cheesecake Killer + Bandito definitely the best. Definitely a satisfying brunch we had.

Location : Shakeism Milkshake,
           Behind Ramada Chelsea Hotel,
           Barsha 1, Dubai
Time     : 11.00am to Midnight
Email    : dine.montgomerie@theaddress.com
Tel      : +971 4 325 5360

Rating   : 4.5/5.0
Critics  : Lovely variety of milkshakes. However, having only Bandito and Waffles may be quite lacking of stuff for bites. Even waffles only comes with few flavours and nothing interesting.

Will i be back? Sure! Milkshakes a must!


Well the day does not end just like that right?? Snowboarding time!! Is this really a desert!?

They did not allow us to head up the hill top without taking the classes =( So step by step peeps, here we go, Beginner Snowboarding Class (AED250)! Time for some "falling" and "rolling" session!. Ouch*!


The Yum List said...

I'm not really a milkshake person either... but that cheese toastie however has my name written all over it. ;-)

Adam said...

I like milkshakes but rarely get them. Most places sodas are like 2 bucks while a milkshake is double with no refill

Stacy said...

Milkshakes are too filling as a drink. And can't be having them as a meal (I'm not a meal replacement kinda person). I haven't had one for ages by now!

Small Kucing said...

jiayoh! good luck on your snowboarding

mun said...

I have not tried dipping fries into milkshakes or sundaes before. Don't think I will start trying now.

I like to drink milkshakes but very seldom drink them now because I want to limit my sugar intake.

The milkshakes and waffles you described here sound very rich and delicious and sweet! :)

Have fun snowboarding!

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, definitely can relate to.

Exactly adam. one of my reasons too haha.

Stacy another of my reason why i hardly had milkshakes lol.

Thanks Small Kuching. come play together!

Mun yes very delicious. Waffles a lil small though.

Kati said...

That waffle looks amazing!


1ondoncalling said...

It must be so thrilling to snowboard!

Irvine Chin said...

Kati yeah. yummy =D

1ondon, snowboarding definitely a very cool sport. loving it.

Sean said...

sounds good! i like milkshakes that are creamy but not TOO thick, and taste good without too much artificial flavours ;)

Irvine Chin said...

Probably vanilla milkshake for you then? ;D

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