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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Experiencing Shinwari Cuisine Round 2 @ Wakha Restaurant

Craving and needed more of this delicious Shinwari Cuisine! Told you i will be back! Bro Jon and Adzo are in Dubai again, hence, brought them to try this place out for dinner and catching a movie at Mall of Emirates after. Independence Day 2. Excited*.

The Restaurant
Our Delicious Dinner

Of course, we ordered the delicious Dumpukht, this time 500grams (AED75.00), Succulent lamb meat cooked on a very low flame in its juices and bone marrow with potatoes flavoured with aromatic spices & herbs. Have not fail me. Delicious.

Next the Shinwari Chicken Karahi 500grams. Probably one of the best chicken dishes i ever had, fresh chicken cooked in tomatoes and green chilies.  The meat was so juicy and tasty. 

For rice we had the Kabuli Pulao Beef Platter (AED40.00). Afghani delicacy consisting of long grained steamed rice cooked. So fragrant. So tasty. Definitely a good mix in there.

And lastly, can't miss out the Lassi Sweet (AED15.00) a sweet or savoury traditional drink made from yogurt or buttermilk base with water. Very delicious and refreshing again.

Feeling satisfied. Done with dinner. We headed for Mall of Emirates for some shopping and movie. It was another great day. Next day we are heading to try one of the best milkshakes and bandito in Dubai. Stay tuned.

Location : Wakha Restaurant, Opposite Lulu Hypermarket
           Barsha 1, Dubai

Time     : 12.00pm - Midnight
Tel      : +971 4 3470788

Rating   : 4.30/5.0
Critics  : Realised that the restaurant need better housekeeping!

Will i be back? Sure!


Adam said...

cool ninja turtle statue, I haven't seen the new movie yet

The Yum List said...

Food looks yummy. I'd like to see Independence Day 2 as well!

Nux V said...

great middle eastern food!

mun said...

What did you all see when you look inside the door of the Conjuring 2? Something scary?

mun said...

I like to eat middle Eastern food a lot due to the spices used but the price there is also as expensive as here. The lamb dish which I like the most is AED75 which is about MYR82.

Irvine Chin said...

Adam yeah cool. and i too haven't watch, and i want to watch lol.

Indeed YumList. The movie was good!.

NuxV true. was very delicious.!

Mun yes! scary :(. Mun very true, due to the cooking, spices and etc the cost is actually pretty high itself. Further Malaysian having tax and so on. crazy haha.

Kati said...

That long bread looks amazing!


Irvine Chin said...

Indeed Kati. Very tasty and crispy.

Sean said...

i hadn't known about shinwari cuisine before this - sounds like i should order the chicken dishes if i ever see it on a menu!:)

Merryn said...

I havent watch Independence Day 2 yet but I've watched Ninja Turtle and it was nice :D

Irvine Chin said...

Sean u really should. However the flavour is actually quite strong. Hence, probably not suitable if someone prefer something more light taste.

Oh yeah, i want to watch Ninja Turtle too Merryn,

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