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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wedding Headaches #The Venue

Time flies. Was still a chap in Newcastle about six years back. It is all about uni life back there. Fun, fun and more fun. Having pints like daily. Hitting the club weekly. Working part time and full time job for more travel cash. Started my professional career back in Malaysia about five and a half years back. Joining the dreadful rat race. But still having loads of fun. Just about two and a half year back decided to work global in United Arab Emirates. Another excuse for travel. Smile. 

Then...Got married just about four months back. Having my ROM Thean Hou Temple, 14.02.2016. Now, gotten myself in wedding planning. My own wedding. Headaches* 

The Wedding Reception Venue. Well having so little time in Malaysia last CNY, burning off my annual leave, i have managed to view quite a few venue. Of course with lots and really lots of research and quotation/query requested before i went back to Malaysia. The Venue is one of the biggest task here, you gotta find them quick like a year ahead just incase the "good dates" are taken. And once decided and wanting to book the date you will require to place a non-refundable deposit. Which is not cheap. Thats how problematic the venue is.

I have viewed from Dorsett Subang to Four Points Sheraton to Parkroyal Hotel to Connexion Nexus to Grand Hyatt to Hilton PJ to Sunway Hotel to One World Hotel to Mandarin Hotel to St Giles Hotel to Saujana Hotel to Renaissance Hotel to Palace of the Golden Horses to Glenmarie to Holiday Villa to... finally short listing to this four place.

Galaxy Banquest Hall

Package starting from 1,238+ per table. Huge glamorous hall with a very reasonable price at Sentul, KL. The ceiling lights up like a galaxy during events. Also quite common having company events, concerts and so on. However caters only for huge crowd like 50 tables and above. They said the chef/food are by one famous restaurant in Sekinchan. Guess the restaurant name was "hou hou sik". Definitely have a high rating one.

Empire Hotel Subang

Package starting from RM1588+ per table. Beautiful, catchy and contemporary hall. You can request for design ceiling lightings as per your theme. However quite small with min 25 tables and up to maximum of 32 tables. If your wedding size is about there, why not? Good place. Good location. Everybody knows how to come!

Grand Imperial Royale Ballroom

Package starting from 1,688+ per table. Definitely as the name describes. Royale. Grand design with up to date facilities. Min of 50 tables but they do allow min 40 tables. Good location again. Adjacent to Sunway Pyramid and Hotel. What's more, having food cooked by a famous Chinese restaurant, Grand Imperial.

Eastin Hotel PJ

Package starting from 1,860+ per table. Reasonable huge hall with elegant setting and facilities. Considerable good location.

The picture taken was before functions, full settings and additional wedding decorations. Just to show the actual ballroom. Of course there is plenty of good location out there which i can share with you. Since i have done the research. I have short listed this four venue because of their nice ballroom, good location for us, family, relatives and friends, reasonable price and etc. Want to know where i pick? Well try guessing or wait till my wedding reception =P


mun said...

I guess you have already decided and placed your deposit when you wrote this post. All of the four look good so anyone of them that you pick will definitely be a winner! :D

The Yum List said...

Oh goodness... I don't envy you. It's understandable why so many now are choosing to just run off and elope. :-)

suituapui said...

I would steer clear of the expensive hotels, very grand, very high class, very impressive...but my priority is the food. Would settle for some place less posh but with great food - here, around RM500-750 would get you very very nice food at a nice restaurant but at best, you would just get some pretty decent stuff at hotels...plus the service sucks as they have to rope in the part-time waiting staff. The only thing is their ballrooms are big enough when one is inviting a lot of people, say, like over 100 tables.

Rose World said...

Must be grand to do in hotel. But then again, wedding is once of a lifetime event so you would want the best for you, your other half and family.

Remember my wedding; did most of the plan myself. Usually the brides do all those planning. Good that you are involved in it. ^^

Yee Ling said...

Not guessing but to wait till your wedding reception. All look awesome and grand to me. Have fun getting prepare for your big day.

Irvine Chin said...

good to hear that mun. hope i choose the right one!

yea yumlist.

suituapui very true. food is definitely one of the top things guest look forward to. hence, i have not look for very grand hotel either.

Hi Rose. I hope my bride does all too =( haha.

Yee ling having fun indeed. definitely some extra street here and there.

With Hold said...

Before my wedding I asked many last minute questions from the manager, and his answer was always: "we have that covered" or "no problem". It was extremely comforting. I am so thankful to the manager and the staff at Chicago wedding venues for all of their efforts on our behalf.

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