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Friday, 24 June 2016

KFC Ramadan Meal, Happy Weekend at Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium

Another year have passed. Cant believe. Time flies. It is ramadan again.  What's special in your KFC this year? We spent our weekend at Dubai Mall this time. For some shopping and groceries. And of course joining the rest for dinner.  KFC Ramadan Meal! 3pcs Chicken, 300gms rice, Coleslaw, Tiramisu Premium Dessert and Softdrink for AED25. Quite satisfying. Rice was fragrant and soft. Tiramisu was nice. Chicken and coleslaw, oh well, kfc taste lah~

Ramadan Meal
Another Angle for Ya!

Happy Ramadan Guys!


mun said...

The pieces of chicken look big on top of the rice. Let me check the KFC here whether got this kind of meal or not.

Merryn said...

I usually stay away from KFC, Pizza Hut and the likes of them during Ramadan as it will be extra crowded during this month. So I am not sure what is in store from our KFC over here.

Irvine Chin said...

yeah the chicken was slightly bigger than usual. spicy flavour.

Merryn pretty true. but the kids would be craving them? perhaps they crave buffets more.

Sean said...

kfc malaysia's ramadan special is a kari (curry) chicken ... which i thought i would enjoy, but it was a bit too sweetish for me ... more like a cross between kari and kicap :)

suituapui said...

Oh? Ramadhan meals there too eh? I guess eating is public is ok there during the fasting month, eateries open...not like in Brunei?

Rose World said...

That is a nice Ramadhan set from KFC. I used to love KFC but not anymore. None of my family members like it so I hardly eat it nowadays.

Stacy said...

Err didn't notice anything special in KFC. McD has lots: cendol ice-cream, chic/beef ramadan foldover, bubur chacha pie, mata kuching sundae... :D

Funny tiramisu made it as part of Ramadan spread in KFC!

Laura Jones said...

how great of kfc to cater especially for ramadan! also, the dubai mall looks quite pretty from that picture! x

Adam said...

Even though KFC started (obviously) in America I only think I've been a few times when I was much younger. I don't eat meat but the rest of the family does, as does the wife. Though she never asks to go

Irvine Chin said...

Sean what a let down haha. Curry chicken!?

Suituapui ramadan meals are everywhere here. erm strictly can't eat in public. cover up locations are still acceptable.

Rose sad to hear that =( sneak and eat urself lol.

Stacy so true. Malaysia fast food is becoming unattractive. I wonder why so many "Malay version of fast food" in the western fast-food store. Isn't it better to go to malay mamak?? haha.

Laura yes, is definitely something fun and interesting. Dubai mall is awesome =D

Adam well, KFC is from America. lol.

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