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Monday, 13 June 2016

Hunting for Nescafe Coffee

Today i will be announcing my favourite coffee. Nescafe! LOL. I used to drink the original Nescafe 3in1 every morning. Went to groceries today and started hunting for some Nescafe available in the middle east. Found some new stuff besides the usual "original" and "gold". Surprisingly this three were in Bahasa Malaysia! "BARU".  Ha-ha. Well made in Indonesia. Welcome to UAE.


Kept searching and found this! The most local one for sure.

Nescafe Arabiana

Nescafe Arabiana. Not the usual coffee you have. Different kind of coffee. A Arabic Coffee. Not really a fan. But after giving it a try, definitely not a fan. If i want the usual coffee. Complicated* Well this Nescafe Arabic Coffee with cardamom, definitely something you want to try. Definitely very strong in cardamom flavour. I don't really taste much coffee in there, but felt very minty. Probably that's cardamom flavour which i am new to. Refreshing.

I still prefer the Nescafe Original. What's your favourite coffee?


mun said...

I seldom drink coffee but I always buy nescafe gold blend for my spouse. I like cardamom taste in rice but in drinks, I am curious to know how it will taste with a bit of coffee. You said above that it is like hsving a minty taste?

suituapui said...

They have lots and lots now, a very wide variety - all 3 in 1. Not for me. I don't mind their 2 in 1, especially to bring along when I go travelling. I like it black, not with Coffeemate nor with milk.

I do have a bottle at home, Arabica, straight and no sugar either...for my cuppa every morning as I would not want to brew our very much nicer local coffee and in the end, I would be the only one in the house drinking the whole pot the whole day - a bit too much of coffee for one person, I think. My missus has given up on coffee - she gets palpitations and my girl drinks tea.

Adam said...

I'm not a coffee drinker

Sean said...

ooo, it's interesting to see how brands like nescafe customise their varieties for different markets. i wouldn't mind trying the cardamom-flavoured one! :)

Rose World said...

I don't drink coffee. ^^

Stacy said...

Oo I pick french vanilla from that line up.

The Arabiana is cardomom-y and mint-y as well? Guess the comparison would be chai latte. Nice what.... :)

Linda said...

I prefer tea and usually drink that, but when I am in the mood for coffee, my favourite is Hazelnut Cream! :) Nescafe is found widely including here in Montreal, Canada.

Irvine Chin said...

Hey Mun.. erm.. just my feeling when i tasted the Arabian coffee with cardamom. probably i am not expert to describe the actual feeling, but minty would be how i describe for now. like a refreshing taste.

suituapui good that u drink black coffee. like ppl say coffee experts drinks black coffee. yeah taking too much coffee a day is pretty bad actually. should take only one cup a day.

adam what u drink then? Soda eh?

Sean yeah!

Rose perhaps tea for ya?

Stacy yea french vanilla is good. i love the tim hourtons one. Anyway this Nescafe ones wasn't that good.

Linda yea. They do monopolise the coffee market. Hmmm.. Hazelnut Cream sounds good.!

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