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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Abu Dhabi Day Trip #Yas Mall #Warcraft #Zaytina #Lebanese

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE's seven capital. Whereas Dubai is the largest. Have visited Abu Dhabi many times now. Tried the World Fastest Roller Coaster at Ferrari World. Went and check out the most beautiful mosque ever, the Grand Mosque. Never miss the desert, went for Dune Bashing. Having my first time experience of using a real Handgun.  Food hunting in Ikea. Abu Dhabi was awesome.

Abu Dhabi is not new to me anymore. Like my third home. Second is Dubai. First is of course Malaysia. Muacks.

Yas Mall
This time i went down Abu Dhabi to chill with my mates Jon and Adzo. As last week they came to Dubai and we chilled at Dubai Mall. We chilled at Yas Mall this time. One of the new and most beautiful malls in Abu Dhabi. Located in the heart of Yas Island itself.

Beautiful Cafe
When you can't afford the real one...
Fan? Put this in your house!

Yas Mall definitely had its own charm. Beautiful interiors. Having interesting cafe and restaurant. Love the toy shops here. Felt like i wanna be a kid for a day. 

Went to chill at my favourite stall, Virgin MegaStore. One-stop shop for all my entertainment needs. The Megastores offers a wide range of lifestyle products across fashion, culture, technology, entertainment, beauty and related services. Love this place. I bought my Play Station 4 and games here. More like all my entertainment needs.

In Virgin MegaStore
They even had a slide!?
Fight Controller with kids!

Finally Jon and Adzo arrived, earlier this morningthey were chilling at the beach and having their lunch at Ikea after. We headed to Vox Cinema for our afternoon movie. We will be watching Warcraft 3D in Vox Max. A future of cinema entertainment with fully immersive entertainment experience. Adding impact and realism to all movies. Indeed great experience.

Inside the Max Cinema
Cant go without Popcorn (Salted and Caramel)

Honestly Warcraft was a good movie. Filled with thrill and excitement. Did not disappoint. Was entertaining indeed however they should put more effort to introduce the characters. 

Well, it is dinner time. We went to try out one of the high rating Lebanese restaurants located at Al Seef Mall. Zaytinya Restaurant (024474489).

Our Dinner. Feast!
Cant go without Turkish Coffee (AED15.00)!

Was a excellent meal. We had some of their delicious Hummus (AED22.00) puree of freshly boiled chickpeas and tahina sauce and Kishkki (AED18.00) homemade labneh mixed with crushed wheat and nuts which goes very well with their freshly baked Lebanese bread. For mains we had the Zaytinya Grill (AED85.00) one skewer of each (shish taouk and lamb cubes) two skewers of each (kafta lahm and kafta dajaj)and four piece arayes. And next main we had Prawns and Hammour Sayyadieh (AED65.00) char-grilled prawns and hammer served with cumin rice and brown sauce.

Thanks for the wonderful day peeps. Whats up next week?


Adam said...

that looks so awesome

mun said...

With the glass ceiling skylight as shown in your photo, it looks hot in Yas Mall. So bright with the sun shining in I guess. I don't understand the names of the dishes you wrote in but I guess all the food is very delicious.

Rose World said...

Have been wanting to watch Warcraft. My hubby's favourite game. ;)

Very interesting mall. And your dinner indeed was a feast!

Stacy said...

Love the first pic of Yas Mall. It'd be hot though?

The Yum List said...

Seems that Abu Dhabi malls are just as entertaining as those of Dubai?

suituapui said...

Those cars are for kids. Saw some at the shops in KL. They sure are so pampered these days. Our time, even a tricycle was a luxury few could afford. You can get one for yours when your first one comes along... Any good news yet? :D

Yee Ling said...

Wow..i am impressed by the lavish cinema.

Irvine Chin said...

true adam.

Mun these glazing are usually high quality with uv, thermal properties. It was quite cooling thanks to the proper ac for sure. I don't get the meaning either, gotta google quite a lot.

Rose then u guys gotta watch the movie! hubby likes dota?

Irvine Chin said...

Stacy is not that hot actually as is ac inside.

YumList yeah. the capital can't lose out don't they.

Suituapui yeah. Feel like being young again right? hehe. Ermm! though question! u will know!

Yee Ling me too ;)

Kati said...

Wow, that slide is fantastic!


Irvine Chin said...

knew u like that one.

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