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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Staying Home, Having iWok!

Yum Yum!

I think i am getting lazy! Dubai can be really hot during the summer season. Even night time feels like sauna. Humid. Home delivery is a very common thing here. People stay indoors often. I gained 7kg of weight after coming to Dubai. Ouch* Tonight is another lazy night, staying in the comfort of a/c room, watching "The Walking Dead" series, ordering home delivery! We had iWok this time, having healthy asian food.

The cool thing about iWok is that you choose how you want your main course to be. First choose your type of rice/noodles (AED27). Second the ingredients like chicken (AED7), shrimps (AED10), calamari (AED7) and etc. Third and finally their specialty sauce (free) like korean chilli, teriyaki, peanut sauce and etc. Love the fortune cookies (complimentary) that comes with it. There goes my diet..


mun said...

So convenient to order in and eat in the comfort of one's home. I guess aircond is a must in Dubai then since it is so hot - hotter than KL. I think it may be age catching up and your metabolism slowing down that makes you gain 7 kg because most men when they are near their 30s will experience a sudden weight gain. Let me go and see what other sauces iwok provides - so interesting.

Irvine Chin said...

Hey Mun. Yes, without aircond will be very tough, since it is very sandy too. Haha very true, still eating lots but metabolism isn't catching or maintaining!

The Yum List said...

There seems enough to do in this mall to spend an entire week without leaving.

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