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Sunday, 10 April 2016

What to do this weekend? #Dubai

Well, winter season is coming to an end. The summer season is here once again! The heat is getting higher everyday. Sweat. So what to do this weekend? Better enjoy the outdoors before it gets too warm to stay out!

Get sandy and try out the Desert Safari! First timers in the desert country should not miss the desert safari Dune Bashing! Head to the souqs to see what a city of gold really looks like. Take the abra boat road and get the feel of old dubai lifestyle. Have a lovely stroll and dine along the beautiful walk along Jumeirah Beach Residence. Need some romance? Head down to Pierchic Restaurant, rated best romantic restaurant. These places are linked above if you fancy to know more.

Now lets check out some other things to do this weekend!

Garden Lovers? Miracle Garden!

Colourful Umbrellas!
Right smack in the desert. A one of a kind in the region and in the world. Very beautiful landscapes with very unique and extravagant flower displays. With admission fees of only AED30 per person!
The Heart
Flower Displays
Outstanding Landscapes

Very lovely place, definitely not a place you want to miss during the winter season. Relaxing, peaceful, stunning, beautiful flowers all around. Great place to spend a peaceful weekend.

Food Court
Hi Guys!
Enjoyed our time here. Admission fee were not that expensive. Something different. Well out there is a desert after all. Definitely a must drop by.

Seeking for Tradition? Dinner Dhow Cruise!

Boarding Time
Whats better than hopping onboard a Arabian Dhow to view the paranoiac skyline of New Dubai. Leisurely having a delicious buffet dinner while cruising along the marina and out towards the ocean along the palm jumeirah. Only AED150 per person, price varies depending on which dhow cruise you take.

Beautiful Table Settings
Traditional Wooden Boat
Along the Palm Ocean
Beautiful View of the Marina Skyline
Live Performance!
Definitely an exceptional experience. Experience the traditional dhow cruise along with lovely views! Delicious buffet! Outstanding live performance right in front of you! Great evening.

Missing the Animals? Dubai Zoo!

Definitely worth a visit! Entrance fees of only AED 2.00 per person! Who would thought of that? Quite a small zoo, but having quite plentiful of animals and reptiles. A quick one hour walk!

The Entrance
The Flamingo!
Arabian Deers?
Posers ;P
Remember this birds?
Mating Time! Yum Yum.
Huge Bird Cage
Definitely a great place to drop by, since it is so cheap!. These place seems to have much potential. Right smack in the city centre, along the famous Jumeira Road. Close to Mercato Shopping Centre. 

However, must admit on the very poor maintenance of this zoo and definitely small cages. Very dirty. Definitely causing this poor animals a very unhealthy living environment. This is unforgivable. Lets hope for some renovation! But missing the magnificent Gorillas! Hope to see them next time in a huge enclosure that they deserve.


The Yum List said...

Hard to believe all of those plants are found in Dubai!

Adam said...

that boat looks so cool

Nancy Chan said...

If I do go to Dubai, Miracle Garden must be in my list!

Nux V said...

u guys were having a great time outdoor...anyway, it is so hot in KL now....getting sweat even at home...How I wish to be in Dubai...haha!

mun said...

My choice would be the miracle garden! The flowers and decor are so pretty and colourful.

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, i believe it was imported! lol.

Indeed Adam. I did find it very cool.

Nancy i too believe hehe.

NuxV haha. It is getting really hot here during the day. Probably KL will be better now.

Good to hear that Mun. Lovely place indeed!

Yee Ling said...

In fact there are lots to do in Dubai. I like the photo with lots of hanging umbrellas. So vibrant and cheerful feel.

Irvine Chin said...

Yes pretty much to do here. but also limited since everything is expensive. besides we splurge lol.

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