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Sunday, 3 April 2016

The World in One Village #Global Village

Global Village, one of Dubai's leading entertainment and cultural theme park. Opens during the Winter Season. Every year they undergo renovation and upgrades. Being better than the previous year. One of the place i love to visit often. For leisure walks. For food. For fun.

They have huge parking spaces. More than enough. Even Tickets Counter are plenty.

With entrance fees of only AED15.00/ticket, that's very cheap! Definitely a bargain.

Love coming here for a walk. Huge place with lots to offer. The Global Village have variety of dining options, country themed pavilions, shops with goods from different country, along with performances and a "funfair", a.k.a the Fantasy Island that offers plenty of interesting thrill rides and children rides.

Well, you get to see United States's Statue of Liberty, UAE's Burj Khalifa and London's Big Ben in one place. AED15 bucks was well spent right at the entrance.

Love the country themed pavilions with lots of shops. You get to experience different cultures in Global Village itself. You get participating countries like Turkey, America, Paris, Thailand, India, Egypt, etc and etc!

Having a diverse shopping experience really give you the kick of walking around. Trying delicious international cuisines and seeing authentic crafts and merchandise. Interesting.

Although we are born in Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese, but well, like everyone says, we are always from China.

Love trying out the local snacks. Arabians sweets are very sweet! 

Interesting live performance from different countries are held here the whole day! Mambo! Mambo! Was fun to watch for sure.

You get the latest technology like 7D rides here. The most i had was 4D. Now that amaze me what 7D can offer. Well, i am not falling for the marketing tactic! 

Definitely missing France. Lovely country! Can't wait to drop by Paris again. The real one.

Alright time to head towards fantasy land! Love the ferries wheel lighting effects!

Definitely comparable to the world largest funfair that i have visited once in the United Kingdom. Having so many kinds of interesting thrill rides, games, house of horrors! and food stalls.

Kinda feel regretted for not trying our the horror house. Should be quite interesting in there since the exterior was quite exceptional.

Definitely gotta head back to Global Village before it closes for the summer season. Winter season is coming to an end. Sob. Time to face the burning hot desert life again...


Adam said...

that looks really fun

Rose said...

Everything in one village. Sounds great!

The Yum List said...

I've heard of this place. Thanks for the look inside. :-)

mun said...

How come it is only open in the Winter season? How cold does the winter season in Dubai get? The Global Village always have lights on with dark skies even in the day time? Hahaha, sorry about the amount of questions.

Kati said...

What an interesting idea!


Irvine Chin said...

Love this place Adam. There are plenty to offer for such low entrance fee.

Indeed Rose.

Most welcome YumList.

Hi Mun, because in Dubai during the summer, daytime is too hot. nighttime feels quite "steamy" perhaps close to ocean. Most outdoors are usually only open during the winter season., which is quite cooling like around 16dg. Erm i have not been there during daytime, but i believe the lights will be off! The hot sun gonna burn off the lights lol.

Indeed Kati!

suituapui said...

Lovely park. Cute "t-shirts". I guess you can't find Malaysia in that Global Village?

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui actually.. there is malaysia! lol. it is combined with singapore. however not very big/popular. my this visit i did not find malaysia, probably missed it or it was gone.

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