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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Having Lebanese Cuisines @ Bait Misk

It was a lovely day in Dubai. Lazying around in the comfort of our small cosy studio. Looking outside the balcony sliding door window, thought of heading outdoors, since weather was good. Clear sunny sky but cooling breeze. We actually head to the Dubai Zoo first, was nice.  Check it out here

Lovely day at Business Bay Dubai

After a quick stroll along the Dubai Zoo, we then head towards the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour along the Jumeirah Road, to check out a Lebanese eatery serving delicious comfort food. 

Peaceful. Serene.
Feeling Lazy~

Lovely place. Definitely one of those hidden gems of Dubai. Lovely views of the ocean. Having many restaurants with very lovely ambiance. Not many tourist would have known this place. A place worth recommending.

Inside the Souq Complex
Seating outside the Restaurant

Bait Mist is located inside the Al Souq complex along the fishing harbour. One of the most lovely Lebanese Venue i have ever been. Small area but very cosy. Decorated beautifully with mixture of wooden furniture, interesting paintings, stone tiles and plenty of vintage decorations. The restaurant was full, outside was too sunny. So we were seated outside along the walking corridor at first, but thanks to great customer service, they made a space for us inside. Thumbs Up.

Wifey Must Happier
The Inside

Wifey definitely gets much happier once we were inside. Lovely restaurant! Like how well they decorated the space.

Love the Decorations

We weren't that hungry so we order for sharing. We took the Mixed Grill (AED69.00), a combination of lamb kebab, kofta kebab, shish taouk and kabab halabi and the Calamari Provencal (AED45.00), sautéed calamari with garlic, coriander and lemon. Fresh lebanese breads are complimentary! Yummy. Definitely goes well with Hummus. Sparkling water was quite expensive, San Pellegrino Spark (AED25.00).

Our Main Course

Like. Complimentary desserts. They served us some fruits and lovely lebanese pudding.

Our Desserts

Location : Bait Mist, Jumeirah Fishing Habour
           Jumeirah Road, Dubai
Time     : 12.30pm - 11.00pm
Tel      : +971 4 343 7332

Rating   : 4.50/5.0
Critics  : Should have signboards outside, having trouble identifying the restaurant along the harbour. Food portion maybe slightly small.

Will i be back? Beautiful place. A must.


Adam said...

cool restaurant

mun said...

There are so many pillars in the photo with the caption "Inside the Souq Complex". I like to eat kebabs and hummus and bread too so I think I will like this meal that you had. Wow, the sparkling water is so expensive. How much is the cheapest drink in the menu and what drink is that?

The Yum List said...

I do enjoy food from this region. I love the starters so much that I don't usually make my way to the mains.

Irvine Chin said...

Adam indeed.

Mun if you like these cuisines then middle east is the place for u! they are the masters. cheapest is still water, but i don't remember the price.

Yumlist second that. got full having the delicious starters.

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