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Monday, 14 March 2016

Dubai Day Tour w Bro-Jon

Bright Day!

My Bro-Jon is in town.! Finally he starts his journey to work global. In Abu Dhabi City. He came over to Dubai during the weekends, to visit me (nah...we was just bored) so we went for a quick Dubai Day Tour. 

Dubai City of Gold

We started off our journey from Dubai Marina, taking the metro from Damac Properties Metro Station, we headed towards Baniyas Square Metro Station. Came out, had Mcd just at the adjacent park and started walking about 15min towards the City of Gold, a.k.a Gold Souq.

Beautiful Shop
Omg! The Gold!
Cant take my eyes off you~

Love this place. Was very interesting looking at the huge amount of gold display. Definitely very bling. Today was Friday, hence, was slightly quiet and few shops are closed. As in the UAE, friday is a prayer day. After done visiting the gold souq we walked down towards the creek side where we stumbled upon the spice/herb souq along the creek side. Definitely worth the visit. Very lovely place with huge variety of interesting local spices/herbs.

Herb Souq

Culture Rich Place
Just along the creek, you will see the Deira Old Souq Station. Where you can ride the abra boat to cross over to the other side. A must experience! Very interesting boat ride and only cost you AED1.00.

Boats along the creek
The Creek
Boarding Time!
The Abra Boat Ride
Bromance going over there
Exceptional experience with such low price. Like buying a Mcd Cone Sundae. Definitely a must try experience in Dubai.

Hi Peeps!
Upon arriving at the station, you will come across the Old Souq for more shopping. There are also plenty of nice restaurants and cafe along the creek. We made our way along the Old Souq towards the Heritage House area just after the Ruler's Court. A place where you can find traditional buildings. Along the way you can also pass the Dubai Museum which we skipped.

At the Abra Station
Old Souq
Heritage House Area
The Heritage House Area

It was a exceptional day. Witness so much of Dubai's Culture and Tradition in one day. Taking the metro. Walking around the Dubai city streets and finding our way. Getting lost. Fighting our way through the souq where sellers kept on coming to you to sell their goods. Highlight, taking the aura boat ride. Was winter so the wind was chilly. But quite burning due to the bright sun and clear weather. But overall, love it.

Stay tuned for more of Dubai!


The Yum List said...

At first look I thought that gold in the shop window was chocolate!

Nux V said...

next time we shall see u touring Abu Dhabi since ur bro is based there!

Nancy Chan said...

I have heard so much about Dubai but now I get to see something of Dubai. Very interesting and fun in Dubai.

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, well, it does mislead!

NuxV very sure!

Nancy more to come.

mun said...

Thank you for giving us a virtual tour of Dubai via your photos. Now don't need to go there. :)

suituapui said...

Wowwwwww!!!! All that gold!!!

Irvine Chin said...

Lol Mun. Very true haha. but always seeing it with your own eyes is much better.

Suitaupui u will love it!

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