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Friday, 19 February 2016

Irvine's Diary - My ROM @ Thean Hou Temple, 14.02.2016

Thean Hou Temple

What it felt to be officially married? Quite a vague one honestly. Such a huge stepping stone in life where you put your relationship officially, legal; telling the world you are officially husband and wife. 

Well, I came to a point where i tend to not worry too much of the future. Planning is a must. But my focus is always to appreciate the present more. Finally, happy valentines my dear, we are getting married on 14.02.2016.

Outside the ROM Office
Waiting for our turn
Some of my Wifey Friends

Coming for ROM (Registration of Marriage) during valentines was a bold move. Especially on weekends. The place was seriously jam packed. Coming in to Thean Hou was already quite a traffic. We were in waiting for ROM for almost an hour, our timing was 5pm (the last slot). We needed to take waiting number again when we arrive (we got the last number, tsk tsk). 

Of course charges was higher too, we paid RM218 for registration. Fyi, government office, JPN charges was only RM20+8, which needed to be done before submitting documents to Thean Hou Temple.

Weather was hot and humid. There was no a/c facilities outside the ROM office. But well, everything paid off once we stepped in. Feeling sorry to our family and relatives for the long wait, especially our friends that came all the way and delaying their own valentines celebration.

Initial Document Check
Double Signing
Feeling Excited
With Cute Lexi Waiting

Finally we are allowed to come inside! Love the a/c lol.  Our family, relatives and friends were all standing at the side and seating behind us. Felt so sorry to them! First round, document checking and endorsement. Then we have to wait awhile until we can enter one of the rooms for our official ROM ceremony.

Checking IDs Again
Time for our "Sumpah"
Just can't take it!
"Acting Serious"
Signing of Marriage Certificate
Getting Serious Now
Finally Official Married!
Ring Exchange :-)
Bring it!

Well was quite a tense one when everything is going legal. But we did enjoy ourselves in the process. Fortunately there was no need for any speeches, as i lost my voice on the day of the ROM! I was at least 95% mute. Due to last night open house gathering, lol. Got laughed at when i struggled to say "yes, i do".

Whole New Family
My Wifey Family
My Close Uncle/Auntie
My Mom and Dad
My Bro and Sis
My Wifey Besties
My Besties
My Sister, her hubby and her child.
My Wifey Sisters
Feeling Blessed

Finally we are officially married on 14.02.2016. Valentines. Now plus marriage anniversary. Kill two birds with one stone. yeah!

Thean Hou Entrance. Huge Crowd.
Upstairs of Thean Hou Temple with Wifey Sister and Cousin Bro
With my beloved Wifey
Candid Shot
Happy Valentines Peeps!

Instead of worrying of our future. Lets appreciate the present. Happy valentines everyone. If you ever visit Thean Hou Temple do go upstairs, the decorations are beautiful. If you ever planning for ROM at Thean Hou Temple, you know you can reach me via email for additional information. After all, we did our research all the way from Dubai to Malaysia. We basically know pretty much in detail of various steps.

Love you all. Happy to share our joyous Event.


Nancy Chan said...

Congratulations to you, Irvine and your wifey! Feeling so happy for you and thank you for sharing photo of the process of ROM and the waiting. Many blessing to the newly wedded couple!

suituapui said...

Congrats again!!! Love the happy faces all round, wishing you two lots and lots of happy days ahead.

Adam said...

congrats again

when it came to my wedding license, we went to the courthouse like a week before getting married. No real lines, we paid a $60 fee, and got the paperwork. Our minister had us sign the forms before we had the ceremony (she had to rush out of there due to prior engagements) and we mailed them to the government after we were all done.

Irvine Chin said...

Thank you Nancy Chan. Always happy to share.

Suituapui thank you again!

Adam thanks again! lol. Seems like quite the same procedures but definitely much Expensive!

The Yum List said...

Congratulations! You both look so happy.

Merryn said...

Congratulations! I have never been to this temple though I've heard so much about it.

Huai Bin said...

That's wonderful! :)

The temple is the perfect place to do the ROM, the lanterns make the photos very festive.

So many people came back to get married during the CNY holidays. It's beautiful, congratulations to you and your wife mate.

Rose said...

What a beautiful ceremony. Congrats!

mun said...

Congrats again! Both of you have lovely friends and families who share your happiness on this important occasion. Your bride is glowing on that day and you are smiling from ear to ear. What a memorable day with the pretty red lanterns hanging overhead.

Small Kucing said...


Yea normal days also quite a lot of cats. Kena valentine day lagi banyak.

Been to a friend's R.O.M there. Hers was normal day. Quite hot but not crowded. Managed to snapa lot of lovely photos there

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Yumlist!

Thanks Merry, u should pay a visit during weekends. Although pack but very happening!

Thanks Huai Bin, truly agree. Really a beautiful place right smack in the city.

Thanks Rose!

Thanks Mun, it was a memorable one indeed.

Thanks small kuching. haha yeap, was crazy day for sure. good for u, must be a great day there.

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