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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Happy Farm Restaurant ! #No.1

View From the Restaurant

Have you ever wonder where you can find a farm kind of restaurant near city? Yes is the Happy Farm Restaurant. Having their own small plantation, fish ponds and animal farm. Lots of village chicken. They are well known as a restaurant that serves their own grown food. In its farm. Definitely the jack fruits where you can see them grown all around and they are really sweet, delicious!

Seating Area

The interesting part of this place is that they have an air-conditioned seating area with full glazed panels all around. Providing a very comfortable dining environment. Plenty of view of the surrounding greenery and part of their farm.

Farm at the Back
Order Time!
Organic Kampung Chicken (RM28)
Home Made Vinegar Port Trotter (RM23)
Steamed Eggs with Pork (RM15)

Their signature would be the Organic Kampung Chicken. The chicken was definitely well cooked and tasted of fresh ingredients. Very nice. Steamed egg with pork was something you would take non-stop. The eggs was very smooth and tasted really interesting with the pork. And one of my favourite dishes would be the Vinegar Pork. Well cooked, tasted great, and not too strong on the vinegar. Perhaps slightly too watery but still very delicious.

Missing this so much!

The restaurant concept was very interesting. The dishes was well cooked and presented. Prices was reasonable. We had a very enjoyable meal! 

Location : Happy Farm Restaurant 
           Lot 1283, Kolam Takangan, Jalan Laksemana,
           Taman Cahaya, Sg Chua, 43000 Kajang,
Tel      : +6019 330 7528
Rating   : 4.50/5.0
Critics  : Menu with very few varieties. Definitely a place where customers will come back! However, how many times would they come back eating the 
same dishes over again.

Will i be back? YES!!


Adam said...

a/c with a outside view does sound good

The Yum List said...

I love this type of concept - grown locally, sustainably, ethically.

Rose said...

I love to come here. Love the concept of a farm and everything fresh and organic from the farm.

Vinegar pork trotter! My favourite.

Kati said...

The fried lettuce sounds interesting!


mun said...

Sounds like a great place to eat. I love to eat vinegar dishes.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Adam, like a a/c restaurant in the forest. lol.

YumList yeah. Super fresh ingredients, the chef dream.

Rose give it a try. really good place.

Kati, yeah haha.

Mun, second that ;)

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