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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Irvine's Diary - Two Years Now #Dubai

Palm Jumeirah View, Gloria Hotel Sky Lounge

Been two years now. In the desert country. Well. So much have happened within these two years. Of course, biggest of all will be my relocation to Dubai. Well always part of the plan. Exploring the desert country. Been a great exposure working here. Seeing lovely sports car everyday. So jealous. Having a taste of real fine dining. Quite often. Finally first member of my own family got married, my sister. The Chindian Wedding. Always wanted to do snowboarding and the silly thing was i did it in the desert country! Ski Dubai. Made few major trips to countries like Japan, United Kingdom and Iceland. Finally visiting the snow monkeys in Japan. Still made it back to Malaysia for CNY! And been witnessing the fabulous new year celebrations in Dubai! Happy moments, my proposal in Iceland

I would say it is all part of the plan. That I have envisaged years ago. Deep inside me would define it as fate. Opportunity came, here I am, idealizing my plan through fate. I am a man with a plan. cough*


The Yum List said...

Two years passed... how many more to go?

Adam said...

I want to visit Japan but it is expensive to go

Nancy Chan said...

Its been a very fruitful 2 years for you, visiting many countries, especially your proposal. You are indeed a man with great plans.

Sean said...

glad to hear your plan is working out well! :)))

mun said...

Good, good. When young do work overseas and see more of the world before having children. Like Yum List, I also would like to know in your plans, how many more years to go in Dubai?

Linda said...

I am happy that your plan is working out well for you! Beautiful photo!

Rose said...

Time flies fast. It has been 2 years.

Love your photo. You caught the beautiful sunlight.

Shirley Tay said...

Irvin, you've such an interesting life! I would love to see snow monkeys too when I visit Japan the next round :D

Huai Bin said...

Wow! Two years in Dubai eh?

That's a long time. It looks like you're enjoying yourself though and I sure enjoyed reading your updates about Dubai and your various travels. Keep it coming and all the best! :)

Yee Ling said...

Best of luck and certainly nice to read you post from Dubai. Probably a country I would never think of going,so reading updates from you is great. Haha

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, Lets see how much Dubai can offer ;)

Hi Adam, i though Japan was close by to US? The world is round? Besides Tokyo, everywhere is quite cheap.

Thanks Nancy :)

Thanks Sean!

Hi Mun, as earlier said, lets see how much Dubai can offer :P

Thanks Linda!

Thanks Rose!

THanks Shirley, yes you must, they are so cute!

Thanks Huaibin for supportive kind words ;)

YeeLing once you are done with asia > Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc.. you will be closer to middle east!

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