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Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Mexican Night in Dubai

Along Sheikh Zayed Road

Tonight was another cold wintry night. Hoping for some warm comforting food. We decided for another big feast. BUFFET! This time we decided to try out Flavours on Two by Towers Rotana, Trade Centre Area. Today was Mexican Night Buffet Theme.

The ambiance was nice. Modern dining area, looks well decorated and place was clean. Featuring richly selected buffets, presented very beautifully.

Love the presentation of the buffet. Very interesting. Having nice nachos and burrito. However appetisers and salad was pretty standard. Nothing much that interest me. Not much on the desserts. Main course, acceptable but does looks interesting.

Location : Flavours on Two, Tower Rotana
           Trade Centre Area
Sundays     - AED 199* Sizzling Salsa Sunday
Mondays     - AED 199* Flavours from India
Tuesdays    - AED 199* Flavours from Britain
Wednesdays  - AED 220* Flavours from the Ocean
Thurs & Fri - AED 215* Flavours from Italy
Saturdays   - AED 199* Asian Twist
Flavours of the world theme nights commence daily from 7 pm.

Email    : fb.towers@rotana.com
Tel      : +971 4 312 2202

Rating   : 3.80/5.0
Critics  : Service at the live station was the biggest disappointment. I didn't expect to be standing there staring at the beautiful huge meat and turkey in front of me but two staff were just standing there doing their own things. I really wonder if they really did not noticed me; as it happened twice which is the only number of times i went to the live station. Whats the purpose of a live station? To make guest felt ignored?

Will i be back? Probably.


Adam said...

I always hate bad service. I don't expect staff to be perfect but I always hate the no care attitude

The Yum List said...

I do love Mexican food.

Nancy Chan said...

I like the look of the place and the presentation of the buffet food is good. I have not tried Mexican food but would love to.

mun said...

I really dislike it when that happens - staff ignoring me when I go to live stations in buffets. I usually leave without anything from that station when I get ignored. Good that you managed to get the food you wanted from those live stations both times.

Huai Bin said...

Wonderful buffet! I love how things are so plentiful in Dubai, which is kinda perplexing at first (coz it's in the middle of nowhere) until you realize how rich they are from oil and nowadays, hospitality.

Yeah, what you described sounds bad, especially if there were people staffing the station. I've heard stories of people working in Dubai though, so many different people from different cultures.

Irvine Chin said...

Adam very true! Hate them!

Looking forward on ur Mexican Post! Yumlist!

Nancy mexican food definitely to try.

Mun well.... bcoz the meat and the turkey. Cant go without those :P

Huai Bin very true. Dubai have reach to a stage where they are not dependent on Oil or neighbouring state to support (since dubai dont have much oil in the first place).

suituapui said...

Poor service, eh? It's everywhere. I would just not go back again. Sad that there are places serving nice food but they do not train their staff well.

Irvine Chin said...

Suituapui very true. I am also very strict to not go back to places where have poor customer service.

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