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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Iceland Day 5 - Marriage Proposal, Skogafoss, South Iceland. 21.10.2015

Welcome back to Iceland! Hope you have been able to learn some useful information of Iceland. Today will be our final day in Iceland. We will be departing back to Dubai first thing tomorrow morning. Before that, we will be having a full day excursion of scenic route while heading back to Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. Lastly visiting the popular Blue Lagoon. Today is going to be another awesome day.

Skogafoss, South Iceland

Skogafoss is one beautiful waterfall situated in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline since it had receded seaward. Creating together with some mountains a clear border between the coastal lowlands and the highlands of Iceland. One of the most beautiful waterfall in the world. My top waterfall for now.

Arriving! Can't Wait to get nearer!
The Nearer The More Beauty.
Just need to take some pics!
Finally found my spot!

Marriage Proposal, Skogafoss, South Iceland. 21.10.2015

The plan. It was quite on-the-go. I have tons of idea in my mind but putting them in place at the right time may prove difficult. From Dubai to London to Iceland. The ring was always with me (darn scary losing it!). I have few places in mind to do it. Looking at both our interest in nature, I would need somewhere more quiet, romantic and less attention from public to get it done. I did thought of doing it in London City during Day 2, while walking along the magnificent millennium bridge, having the beautiful St Paul Cathedral at the back. Get it done. But well, my partner wasn't really fond of London while we were there. So it was a no.

So that's down to Iceland. Wanted to do it during the Northern Light but utter failure. Poor weather. Waited every night till Day 4 where we visited my top attraction, Jokulsarlon. If not now then when!? Well didn't manage to get the right feel :P

Now Day 5. Final Day. Is now or never. Just gotta do it.

Found the quiet spot. Public went far ahead towards the Waterfall.
Put her in position while i did the tripod settings.

And Get down on my knees.

Feels like fate. The right place. The right timing. The right waterfall. The right stone! The only stone! 

Actually i did the proposal on my third try. First time didn't manage to locate the ring in my pocket (was stored pretty tight inside). Second time didn't manage to dig it out in time :D

Third time, better held it in my hands! And there goes~

I am finally Engaged!

My Fiancee =)
My Money.... =P
Come back my $$$! LOL.

After setting the tripod pod in position. Set the camera timer then I quickly positioned myself next to her. I got down on my knees beside her without her noticing, then shown her the ring.

She definitely shown me the "what is that" expression. Then the "blank face", not the "surprise face". Like... "did you pick this up somewhere?". Then start indirectly digging some confirmation like "real or not" first. LOL. Now you know why we don't do this in public. There probably wont be much drama going on =P

Next the Skogar Folk Museum

We continued to the lovely Skogar Folk Museum. Filled with culture and history of how people live in the past in Iceland. After enjoying the folk museum one can head to the open air museums where there is the sod and skal farm, houses, church, old schools, etc, all well furnished like the olden days.

Lovely Collections
Our Guide
Daily Items the Folks Used
Small Museum but Plenty to Offer

Headed for the outdoor museum and saw this cutie!

The Outdoor Area
The Folks Home

Feels like in the Hobbits!
The Magistrate’s House
So Cosy!
My Kind of Kitchen. Classic.
I will not enter!

Interesting experience. Able to learn some of the history of the southern iceland. Great collections. Although i must admit that the outdoor museums are quite spooky, especially the unoccupied houses. Proabably if more tourist are around will be much better.

Eyjafjallajokull Visitor Centre

On the way, another quick stop, another quick chance to look over the beautiful view on an past erupted volcano. Also dropping by the Visitor Centre, there are very impressive pictures and also a movie session of this past erupted volcano and where you can learn how volcano have damages and changes human life and the surrounding natures.

The Visitor Centre
Small Area but Interesting
Interesting Facts.
Getting Ready for the Video
Really Impressive.

The Black Sand Beach

Total Beauty

Well i never knew black sandy beaches was so beautiful. Further the ocean waves are enormous, no one would survive standing too near the shorelines. Interesting wavy beaches and shapes of rocks and cliffs. We take a quick stop here before heading back to Reykjavik and towards the famous Blue Lagoon.

The Great Waves and Could Suck you into the Ocean
Beautiful Cliffs
Lovely Landscapes
Hello Blacky!

Deng Deng Deng~ Next Stop the Blue Lagoon!

Finally here!

People may not have remembered this famous name Blue Lagoon but definitely have seen this beautiful place in a picture of some articles, magazines or catalogues. Somewhere in the Internet. The Blue Lagoon Iceland, set in the pure heart of the Icelandic Landscape. The Blue Lagoon offers a complete spa experience.

Are you ready!?
Beautiful Blue Water
Don't Worry. It is not hot!
Comfortable Warm Water
Get some mud mask
Sweet =)

Travel The World 2015...End

Finally Officially Engaged

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2015 is still not over. Counting down for the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Fireworks. Stay tuned.


suituapui said...

Ooooo...so romantic. Picked the date yet? Any reception in your hometown? Don't forget to invite me, ya! LOL!!!

Adam said...

congrats on the engagement

The Yum List said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing you special moment with us.

Shirley Tay said...

How romantic, Irvin! Congrats & bet you guys are in seventh heaven! So did you get back your money?? Hahaha! Happy 2016!

Nux V said...

congrats! yea, it seems like fated to have ur proposal in front on that waterfall, the view is magnificent and yea, the right stone, the right moment, jst how everything blended together so well!

Nancy Chan said...

Wow! Sooo romantic. Lovely spot for the proposal. So happy for you both. Beautiful ring and a very memorable holiday! Congratulation!

Rose said...

Beautiful blue lagoon. I want to dip into the warm water. It has been cold and wet New Year over here. Bbbbrrr!

Congrats again. A lovely and romanti way and place to pop a proposal.

Irvine Chin said...

Suituapui, thanks! erm date not picked yet hehe. soon i guys! keep you posted!

Thanks adam!

Thanks YumList! Always!

Thanks Shirley! ermmm.. guys it is a long process to get it back :P

NuxV Thanks. Yes following the flow is so risky but also so well worth it ;)

Thanks Nancy!

Thanks Rose. Rainy lately over there eh? Well it was raining daily in Iceland haha.

mun said...

Congrats again on your engagement! Her reaction is quite funny as she thought you are playing a prank on her somehow is it?

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mun, thanks! Ermm, yes indeed. She even thought i picked it up. LOL.

Huai Bin said...

Congrats on your proposal! That's a beautiful place to do it. :)

Irvine Chin said...

thanks huai bin!

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