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Friday, 18 December 2015

Iceland Day 4 - My Top Iceland Attraction, The Jokulsarlon Road Trip

The Road Trip Continues

Our journey continues! Yesterday's Westman Island tour was great although pretty quiet on winter season. Still a great experience with the "extreme boat ride" and Island Scenery. Still loved it. 

Today we will be going to my favourite attraction. A spectacular beauty, the glacier lagoon. Jokulsarlon. Also dropping by a few beautiful places along the way.

The Hvannadalshnukur
Beautiful View

On our way towards Jokulsarlon we took a quick stop to see the beauties of Hvannadalshnukur. The highest peak in Iceland at 2119m. A sight so beautiful that it looks like painting from far.

Arriving at Stop Point
The Sign
Does not feel real!
Just Chilling

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Finally reached my Top Attraction!

Fantastic journey across South Iceland. Finally arriving and witnessing the extraordinary landscape and breathtaking Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon from afar. We will be also having the boat tour on Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

Finally! The beautiful... gal!
Spectacular View
Feel like swimming
What i regret was not touching the Cold Water

Time to head for Boat Ride

One good thing about winter season, rarely there is heavy rain. Usually drizzling during the day. Seems fine to me as this does not force us indoors. Well, still prefer bright sun light! Anyways, time for our boat ride. Excited*

Boat Ride Station
Finally is our turn!
Straight into the lake!
First time on a "waterbus"
Moving along the glacier lake
Beautiful Ice
Captain grabbed some old ice
Ice Holding Session
Ice Breaking Session

The boat tour guys grabbed some really old ice floating on the water. Probably aged over a thousand years. Started breaking the ice to pieces so that we can get to taste some really old aged ice. Imagine leaving your ice cubes in the fridge and only having them after 50 years? Lol.

It was a great boat ride. Although quite a disappointment that we cant go nearer to the huge ice. This will provide us some really spectacular views of the ice glaciers from near and able to take some outstanding photos. Probably a smaller boat ride will be a much better experience. But definitely more dangerous and expensive.

Thank you Jokulsarlon

Last Stop Vatnajokull National Park, Skatefell

Our last stop of the day. Just for more walking around the natural beauties. The Vatnajokull National Park is nature itself, covers an extremely huge area. There are visitors centres located around its surrounding areas.

Arriving Visitor Centre
Starting our Walk
Our Destination. The other End!
Seems far yet really far!
Feels like we cant make it~
Getting Nearer!
Beautiful scenery on the way
Lovely pool of water
Finally arriving the other end.. after almost an hour walk
Viewing while thinking.. how about walking back?!
Lets Enjoy while it Last
The Skaftafellsjokull

Another fantastic day. Still wanting more from the Jokulsarlon. Imagine coming during summer? With beautiful green landscape while having the view of the magnificent glacier lagoon. Building a campsite along this beautiful landscapes. 

Tomorrow will be Day 5 and also my memorable day.

Marriage Proposal, Skogafoss, South Iceland. 21.10.2015

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Nancy Chan said...

Wow! You have chosen a spectacular place for your marriage proposal to your love. Congratulations to you both!

suituapui said...

Now this looks really cold. I don't think my insulation is enough to keep me warm. LOL!!!

Adam said...

nice pictures of your boat trip

The Yum List said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I really want to visit!

Sean said...

awesome journey to an area where you can really see and experience nature's magnificence! :)

Yee Ling said...

Truly amazing trip experience especially holding the old ice.

Wow...the place you have chosen for your marriage proposal is so special.

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Nancy!

Suituapui one should not challenge nature!

Thanks Adam.

YumList you should ! Am looking forward on all the iceland yumlist!

Sean yes indeed. Truly magnificient experience and still wanting more. Probably if i ever head back there, i would do camping.

Yee Ling yes really cool holding the huge aged ice. I also wanted to do it at the ice glacier lake, but well, didnt made it. So heck it and settle it at the waterfall lol.

Shirley Tay said...

Glacier? Lucky you! I wanna be there too. Congrats on your proposal, Irvin! Can't wait to see what's in store Happy holidays! xoxo

mun said...

Truly spectacular views. Thank you for sharing the photos. How does the old ice taste like?

Merryn said...

The glacier pics are superbly beautiful.

Nux V said...

wow, tasting old ice? I wonder how it taste like! nice view but freezing cold...definitely not a place for me...haha!

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Shirley! Happy Holidays to you too!

Hi Mun, well old ice.. taste like old ice? LOL

Thanks Merryn.

NuxV still bareable. dont worry hehe.

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