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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Iceland Day 3 - Journey to the Westman Island

Hello Guys!

Day 2 travel experience in Iceland was astonishing. Travelling along the most popular route from Reykjavik, The Golden Circle. Today we will travelling down south of Iceland, towards Vik. We will be having a full day excursion to "Westman Island" via ferry.  

Excursion "Westman Island"

One of the best kept secrets in Iceland. A beautiful island surrounded by mountains, islands, volcanoes and seabirds. Also home to the adorable puffins. Have always wanted to visit the puffins, unfortunately, winter seasons the puffins will migrate!

Arriving at the Harbour
Our Ride to the Island
Got our Tickets!

The ferry ride was horrible. The wave was really rough. We were basically flung around! Seasick kicked in almost immediately after the boat took off. Luckily we were quite experience in managing this, we quickly struggled our way down to the cinema rest room, usually around the center of the boat. Where you can lie down comfortable on the cushion chair, in a dark room with movies to watch. Thank god, felt so much better and managed to arrive without throwing up our breakfast!.

Lovely Landscape
Finally out from the bus!
Looking out the Bus
Poor Weather but still Kicking!
Quiet Town
Pity Girl Freezing
Silent Hill~
Silent Town~

We had a great time in Westman Island. Quite the beauty. They even had a large gold course. But i must admit that winter was not the best season to tour this island. The boat journey was extremely rough due to the bad weather. Since we were on the island it was very windy. The town was very quiet due to cold weather. Worst! No puffins!! Good thing we found this restaurant, Canton, owned by a local man and his chinese wife. Was pretty good, although expensive! Atleast some comfort food.

Steam Fish (ISK 2450)
Chicken Stir-Fry (ISK1990)
Headed back to mainland, departed to our hotel located in Vik. We will be staying two nights in Vik since the many few top attractions in Iceland are down here.

Lounge Area
Our Bedroom. Small and Cosy.
Good Night Guys!

Another great day! Finally here we are in Vik! Tomorrow we will be visiting the top attractions in our list. The Jokulsarlon! A spectacular beauty of the glacier lagoon scenery. My Top Attraction in Iceland.

Iceland Day 3... End...


Adam said...

nice pictures of your new trip in Iceland

The Yum List said...

Enjoying seeing your pics of a place I hope to explore myself one day. :-)

mun said...

I can imagine how cold it was there. Absolutely freezing, my face would be so cold especially the tip of the nose but lovely scenery, so peaceful and quiet, like you say like silent hill (the eerie game/movie). No puffins, so sad, I would have love to see the puffins up close too. What is the main activity/industry in this town on the island - tourism? fishing?

Merryn said...

I feel seasick just by reading your ferry ride part. Thank goodness you managed to secure a nice comfy place throughout the journey :D

Nux V said...

the entire place looks so quiet & deserted. The weather is the main criteria when visiting a place. I would avoid travelling during the winter unless if i want to feel the snow. BTW, kinda surprise to find Chinese food in Iceland, i would yearn for some Asian dishes too especially when abroad.

Small Kucing said...

I love the wide angle photo of the two of you. happy couple :)

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Adam

YumList yes and make some list of delicious yum list food!

Hi Mun, for the island people mainly fishing! but tourism is more to sightseeing, island lifestyles and puffins! Iceland is all about the nothern sceneries which we dont get them in our countries.

Merryn indeed hehe. It was a horrible ride. My worst boat experience so far.

NuxV winter seasons are usaully low peak seasons and having the cheapest offers :P Guess thats why hehe.

Thanks Smallkuching!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! I am going to check out the entire series! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour! :)

Shirley Tay said...

Love the shot with the fish eye view from the top! Surprised they serve pretty decent Chinese food too :D

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Linda. Glad to share ;)

Thanks Shirley. Since the woman owner is chinese so.. guess so! hehe

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