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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Iceland Day 2 - The Most Popular Route from Reykjavik, The Golden Circle

Lounge Area

Good Morning People! Lovely Day 1 covering the beautiful city of Reykjavik. Today we will on the tour, heading to the Golden Circle, also the most popular tourist route from Reykjavik. Covering 300km distance from Reykjavik to Central Iceland and back. On this route we will be heading to Thingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall and Haukadalur Geothermal Area. But before heading out... always fill your tummy! 

Something i always look forward every morning. Hotel Buffet Breakfast!
Yum Yum. Sushi Fresh.
Good Morning Reception!
Did some gym!

Starting Off, The Golden Circle Route

The Huge Mountain Covering the Northern Side
Beautiful Scenery's.

The Thingvellier National Park

Upon arriving at the park I was amazed with the magnificent landscapes. Such natural beauty was unknown until you see it for yourself. Well everywhere in Iceland was beautiful. The Thingvellir National Park contains both historical and natural beauties.  A natural wonder. Much walking to do!

The Starting Point
On the Cliff
Well Just need to Take More Pictures!
And more pictures!!
Wooden Walk paths
Rocky Path
Long Road Ahead!
Endless Beauty
Yup.. Endless!
Beautiful ! cough*
Waterfall and Lake
Freezing Cold! But not snow!
Magnificent Natural Beauty
Waiting for our Bus at the Other End

Largest Waterfall in Europe, The Gullfoss 

Gullfoss, also known as the Golden Falls. The most popular waterfall in Iceland, a spectacular waterfall that is a must see. Definitely a magnificent waterfall but not my favourite waterfall, which i will be sharing soon on another day!

The Gullfoss
Look Huge From Far
Looking Larger from Top!

You can also walked down closer to the waterfall for some really good view. We did not went down as my partner was freezing, so we head to the rest area where you will get some really delicious Icelandic Lamb Stew (ISK 1,950). We also got the fresh salad (ISK 1,550).

Very Delicious!

Haukadalur Geothermal Area

Love this place! Some of the best geysers in the world, spectacular eruptions. Perhaps something very new to me :)

Excited to Check Out Some Eruptions
Seems like many People Gathering Over There!
Finally Erupted!
Lovely View
Fortunately the Wind was directed the other side!

The Kerio

One of the natural beauty of Iceland. The crater Kerio was formed about 6500 years ago. Oval in shape about 270m long, 170m wide and 55m deep. That's deep! Explosion craters are formed in explosive eruptions, which sometimes leave deep craters.

Top of the Crater
Huge Natural Beauty
Once a beast,  once settled, so serene.
Imagine Taking a Swim!
Swim? Don't be crazy~

Another Great Day


Another great day! We did a few stops along the Golden Circle Route for some really nice scenery. Today was a well worth trip. Satisfied. Headed back to Reykjavik town for some dinner. Been having much western food, so we had some Asian noodles for tonight instead. 

Iceland Day 2... End...


The Yum List said...

Those wide open spaces make me feel like going for a run. I imagine zooming down that path taking in the fresh air and sights.

Adam said...

great pictures of nature

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I miss Iceland, I went there during my second Europe backpacking trip while coming back from Tbilisi. I've only been to Reykjavik though and the prices for a beer is insane! I think I paid 15 Euros for a pint, compared to less than 1 pound sometimes in London. Iceland has a very high alcohol tax.

It's a beautiful place though...

Yee Ling said...

Lovely photos of you have shared. I can stay there for a long time just to capture the beauty of the nature.

mun said...

Beautiful breathtaking scenery! Everything is golden but I can imagine the cold. Your nose must be feeling so cold. The hot lamb stew must be so delicious to warm the stomach. Does the tour cover food as well? Are the noodles for dinner included in the cost of the tour?

CQUEK said...

Wow what a wonderful view out there. Lovely pictures.

Irvine Chin said...

YumList indeed true. Air was so fresh. Polution free. Lovely place.

Adam believe you get many beautiful places in the states.

Huai Bin is true Iceland have a really high living expenses. Comparable to Swiss, Norway, Swedan etc. The northern places. I was pretty shocked to see the prices when i was there too, everything was so freaking expensiv. Started feeling Dubai was pretty cheap lol!

YeeLing yup. Backpacking will be cool!

Hi Mun, food is not included. Iceland have such high cost, is usual tours dont include food. It will make the tour packages looks uninteresting with the sky high package prices. At times, we just ate bread and tuna for dinner :P

Thanks CQUEK

Rose said...

Beautiful shots. They are so breath-taking.

suituapui said...

Doesn't look all that cold. I would love it there, I'm very well insulated. Hehehehe!!!!

Irvine Chin said...

Rose thanks!

Suituapui yes you will love it for sure hehe

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