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Sunday, 15 November 2015

London Day 3 - Hard Rock Cafe and Historic Walk

London... Day 3... London Day 1, arriving and shopping, have been really fun. Day 2 have been exceptional, experiencing Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen and Shakespeare's Play. Day 3 we will be visiting the Hardrock Cafe and further more historic experience!

The Elegant Buckingham Palace

We started of at Buckingham Palace (Close to St. James Park Station). The London residence and principal workplace of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Quite a beautiful Palace, surrounded by beautiful parks like the famous St James Park, Green Park and Buckingham Palace Garden.

Do arrived at 11am to witness the changing of guards at the Palace. Was an interesting sight not to be missed.

The Hardrock Cafe London 

After watching the exceptional guards changing ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. We headed over to Hardrock Cafe London (along Piccadilly road, close to Hyde Park Corner Station). We walked through Green Park, just a few minute walk. The Hardrock Cafe customer service and hearty delicious food have always been impressive. We have always visited every Hardrock Cafe at different places and country for its delicious food and interesting souvenirs. Especially the magnets!

We had the followings~
Legend Burger £16.25
Twisted Mac & Cheese £14.45
Glass of Parini Rose £7.25
Half Pint of Budweiser £2.75

Next, Historic Walk!

Next stop, we took the train and headed towards the National History Museum (Close to South Kensington Station). My favourite museum. Plus, it is free admission. Next to the History Museum is another famous Museum, the Science Museum. However, we did not stop by there due to time constraints. We needed to head back to city, stop by the popular British Museum and meet my cousin (working in London) nearby for dinner.

Love the History Museum. Watching these huge Dinosaur bones was very impressive. Next, we headed to the British Museum (Close to Holborn Station). Admission free! A really huge museum, having a large collections from all continents, dedicated to human culture, history, art and culture.

Finally, Burger and Lobster! 

Met up with my close cousin at Farringdon Station. We walked over to a nearby restaurant. A highly recommended restaurant. The Burger and Lobster! Having only three main course (burger, lobster and lobster roll), costing £20 each. Lobster was fresh and delicious. Burger was well, always good!

Another fun day in London. Museums are one of the highlights in London. Very huge, very interesting and admission free. Great to finally catch up with my cousin. Tomorrow will be our last day in London, we will be walking around town, towards the lively and romantic Convent Garden and finally towards the airport. Time to depart to Reykjavik, Iceland...

London Day 3.... End...


The Yum List said...

Hi Irvine, We're in the process of moving our blogspot over to a wordress platform. Please come take a look and tell me what you think. We're still working out the kinks and learning a new system so all feedback is much appreciated. Monica: theyumlist.net

suituapui said...

I did pass by Hard Rock, didn't stop there but I went to Planet Hollywood which was a big thing at the time, the 90's. Bought a t-shirt, cost a bomb but I burnt a hole in it when drying it over a table lamp. Hehehehehe!!!!! I did not go to Buckingham - all in dull grey coats then, winter was coming.

Adam said...

It's been awhile since I've seen dinosaur fossils

Nancy Chan said...

Interesting visit to the museum.

Nux V said...

nice trip....great sightseeing & delicious food!

Irvine Chin said...

Hi YumList, definitely :)

Suituapui, that's nasty! that's what you get for not hanging cloths properly lol. Ah yes, something i heard when i was young, planet hollywood.

Adam should be plentiful in US?

Nancy. Indeed.

NuxV indeed and needing more :)

mun said...

Lobsters for only 20 pounds? The price seems ok. Both of you managed to cover many places on day 3. Nice to catch up with relatives too.

Yee Ling said...

Never been to London but it has filled in the dream list. With dream, there will be hope. Haha

Merryn said...

I've been to London but did not go to the museum. Ok lah I did not have lobsters too >_<

Irvine Chin said...

Yup for such lobsters seems fine. However, comparable to Msia where you can get much cheap seafood, considered expensive.

Yee Ling make your dream come true. London-KL always have promo air fares right?!?

Merryn, well, probably you are not the museum type. More to shopping!

Rose said...

I would love to visit the Buckingham Palace. And pose with the guard too. ^^

Irvine Chin said...

Good idea Rose! Dont touch them though!

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