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Friday, 6 November 2015

London Day 2 - Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen and Shakespeare's Play

St Paul's Garden

First day, arriving and shopping. Completed. Our main highlights for today will be having our English breakfast at Bread Street Kitchen owned by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and catching the Richard II Play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Can't wait.!

The St Paul's Cathedral

We started of with a morning walk around St Paul's Cathedral garden. Feeling old. Taking a look at the cathedral's amazing architecture.

The St Paul Cathedral

The Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen

Next, headed down the Bread Street. Just along the St Paul's Cathedral. Arriving at Gordan's Bread Street Kitchen. The restaurant amazed me. Its interior design was astonishing, with its really spacious settings.

At the Entrance

The Interior

English Breakfast (£11.95) and Cappuccino (£3.25). What's Better?

The high standards does reached my expectations from this place. From exceptional restaurant's interior designs to customer services to food qualities. Everything was great. However, prices are way above my budget. Probably a place for business men.

Great Way to Start the Day

The Millennium Bridge

I must admit, was a great breakfast besides burning a hole in my pocket. Well, we continued our journey, walking towards the Millennium Bridge. Just opposite the St Paul's Cathedral. One of the beautiful bridges in the world.

Walking on the Millennium Bridge
Lovely Street Performance

Just right after crossing the bridge, the building right in front will be Tate Modern Gallery. Quite an interesting place for a quick visit, having some interesting Modern British Arts. Note, almost all Museums/Galleries in London is admission free so why not enter!

The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

A must go! Lovely place. Lovely live play. We went for the Richard II play by William Shakespeare. A highly intelligent and fast-moving production.

Got our Tickets

The Theatre
Crowds are coming in fast!

They were very strict with the no camera/video during the play so we were not able to take any pictures of the play. Tsk tsk. To me the play was really good, was a great one time experience thing. Not something i would go for a second time, not really a fan of  watching people talking. Simply saying, the play was all big talk and no action. Lol.

The Borough Market

Next, we walked about 5min towards Borough Market. London's most renowned food market. Great places to find some local street food. Best to visit during the peak times where there are plentiful of stalls.

Borough Market
Wasabi Sushi & Bento
Some Quick Lunch

We walked around and stumbled upon this interesting Sushi Restaurant. Looks interesting enough to get us in. We had the Salmon Teriyaki (£6.45) and some sushi which cost around £0.60 to £0.72 a packet.

The Tower Bridge

Next, checking out the Tower Bridge. Quite a sight not to be missed.

Walking walking walking~

The Westfield London

We ended our day with some luxury shopping at Westfield London. One of my favourite mall in London. Huge mall, huge variety of shops. I don't think one should miss out this mall if you are a shopping person.

Travelling in London have been really easy due to the huge underground train network. With the prepaid Oyster Card, we easily take the train or bus. Today was another great day in London City. Tomorrow we will be checking out the Hardrock Cafe London.

London Day 2.... End...


Rose said...

Wow! So many places covered in a day. Lovely photos.

The Yum List said...

Your picture of the cathedral is beautiful. Is that a special effect with the camera or just the angle?

suituapui said...

Richard II? Oh my! That's heavy! I hope you caught a West End musical while there. I saw two in a day - Miss Saigon & Grease. An experience to last a lifetime.

mun said...

Ah, reading about your day 2 in London made me miss London so much. I want to visit London again before my last day on earth. Can't wait to read more.

Adam said...

nice pictures of your travels in London

Nancy Chan said...

Love the cathedral photo. Enjoyed all the other photos as well. Enjoy your holiday!

Yee Ling said...

Lovely photos.

Nice you have tried the Bread Kitchen. The nearest to our place is in Singapore though. I heard the place always fully booked and you need to make advance reservation.

Huai Bin said...

We wanted to go to the Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore too!

Yeah, I think that's London prices, I paid 1 pound more for the same meal at a regular pub! Full English breakfast, same thing as your plate for 12.95 pounds. I think that's about the price in central London/Westminster area, I ate at a 1 Michelin star place, also by Gordon Ramsay for lunch for less than 40 pounds 2012, 3 course.

Small Kucing said...

Lovely angle on each snaps.

London ...you have to go there many times. Once or twice will not be enough

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Rose, that's my legs are aching~

Hi Yum List, i believe both. Also camera settings.

Suituapui, i did catch the musicals before, breathtaking. Honestly. Anyway i didnt knew Richard II play was like that, i would have arranged for another round of musical!

Mun go go! dont wait :D

THanks Adam!

Thanks Nancy!

Hi Yee Ling, yes worth trying something of such great name/standard. When you drop by Hong Kong could try the branch over there too.

Huai Bin yup i believe so. Still a bomb to us, as we can get delicious food at the "kopitiams". But i did enjoyed the classy Gordon's restaurant. Will try the new Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai. Just opened!

Hi Small Kuching, yes agreed. Hoping to drop by for at least a month when i quit my job. LOL.

Sony Mingoss said...

Hola guapa..te acabo de conocer¿quieres que nos sigamos por GFC? me encantarĂ­a,te espero en:http://sonymingoss.blogspot.com.es/

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mingoss, thnaks for dropping by

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