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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

London Day 1 - Arriving and Shopping !

London City. Our short escape from the desert country Dubai, just chilling before heading to Reykjavik, Iceland for our main event (the proposal). To me, it was quite silly for me to be posting about London only at now. I was in Newcastle for three years, posted almost nothing. Was travelling all around the UK and Europe within the three years but posted almost nothing. Stayed in London City for almost two months but posted totally nothing. I even did the monopoly travel thingy, where i visited every places in the monopoly board game. But posted nothing. Time passed rather quickly. Well, gotta start somewhere..

Arriving and The Hotel

United Kingdom. The English empire. One of the largest city in the west, modern, vibrant and truly multicultural as one of the leading global cities. Influential with its high standards. The country that brings many standards to all over the world, including our very own home country, Malaysia. The British Standards.

We flew in London from Dubai using Turkish Airline (AED 1,065), as was a lot cheaper (experience was fine). Only having to transit in Istanbul. 7 hours flight duration. Arriving in London Heathrow Airport, getting transport to the city was easy. You can transit using bus, taxi, express train or the usual London underground train. I would recommend getting the Oyster Card (Prepaid Card), usable for all means of transport. Easily purchased from shops, underground stations or travel/information centres. Balance credits are refundable.

We got the Oyster Cards and took the underground, directly arriving at King Cross St Pancras Station in about 40min. From there took us about 5min walk to our hotel. The Wardonia Hotel. It was a average hotel/hostel costing us about AED525/night. The stay was pleasant but not great. Location was great but the rooms was not that great. But i would recommend if you are on a budget and wanting something acceptable in London City where everything is expensive.

How to Start your Shopping in London City?

Starting off by walking along Oxford Street and Regent Street will be a exceptional experience. One of the main shopping street destination in London City, with bustling range of shops, designer outlets and stores. Heading down towards Carnaby Street. Lovely place. Where you will find an intriguing mix of stores as well as independent boutiques and heritage brands. Not to miss out the lovely cafes, bars and restaurants.

Continue walking, this will lead you to Piccadilly Circus, a road junction and public space of London's West End. Coming across more shoppings, souvenir stores, entertainments, musical theatres. Continue walking towards Leicester Square for more and my personal favourite the M&M's World. You will also be passing the China Town (located north of Leicester Square, for some really good chinese food).

The China Town

The London China Town

One of my favourite spot in London. Well i did had some of my best Chinese food here. Especially Dim Sum. Some of the restaurants have really high standard chinese food. Only expensive when comes to currency conversions. 

We went to four season restaurant. Must admit that the beef noodle soup and roast pork/duck rice was good. Finally some porks, cough*.


The M&M's World


The Highlight! This place is legend. Also said to be the largest M&M's store in the world. Love it. Just around Leicester Square. The store was so huge, and it was fun checking out all the interesting M&M's toys, dolls, T-Shirts, souvenirs, M&M's interior designs and characters and huge variety of M&M's Chocolates. Feeling like a child again.

London Day 1... End...


The Yum List said...

M&M World! I bet that makes some people very happy. ;-)

Adam said...

I hope to visit London one day

suituapui said...

I love London though many say it is too cosmopolitan - all those whites there are not English, a lot are continental, and they prefer some of the other towns and cities.

The underground is so convenient, I used that to go everywhere...and did you catch a musical? I saw two in one day - expensive but worth every penny. An experience to remember a lifetime!

You did not drop by Malaysia Hall for the nasi lemak and the Malaysian delights at its basement?

Nux V said...

such a long post for day 1 itself! great that you started the posting about ur travelogue, better be late than never...haha!

mun said...

So nice to see both of you enjoying yourselves in London!

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, indeed. I was really happy! LOL

Adam yes, you should! not that far.

Suituapui, oh my, i totally forgotten about that! How great if you told me before i went to London. HAHA. Missing authentic nasi lemak!

NuxV, day 1 is always exciting hehe.

Hi Mun, thanks ;)

Rose said...

Have a great holiday in London. So much to see and eat in one day!

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