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Saturday, 10 October 2015

The GoPro4 Hero Silver

To spice things one notch up, i finally decided to get my video recording cam. I have always wanted one... since like... 15 years ago. Well that was a long wait. Now, it was a tough choice selecting which video recorder i want while having so many potential brands out there. The sony brand looks cool, but GoPro is the one people talk about at the moment. Also looking at reviews and video samples, they do look reliable. I went for the GoPro 4 Hero Silver. Due to it's great performance and in-built LCD screen display.

Ta-da~ My New Toy. AED 1599, before discount AED150 :)

The package comes with the Hero4 Silver Camera with Built-in Touch Display, Standard Housing, Rechargeable Battery, Curved and Flat Adhesive Mounts, 3-Way Pivot Arm, Quick Release Buckles, USB Cable (for uploading/charging), Skeleton and Touch Backdoors (Casing Type). WARNING, the MicroSD Card was SOLD SEPARATELY. For god sake, i was so excited to try out my new GoPro only to find out that i did not have a memory card!... stoned.

Testing some photography settings. I am amaze with the SuperView, in such short distance, it captures the world's most immersive field of view. I was just sitting next to my laptop, and i get this wide view! Even my DSLR Wide Angle Lense was unable to capture such wide angle.. Further the Protune settings, having cinema-quality capture and advance manual control for video and photos (still working on it). Now even with Auto Low Light setting, automatically adjust frame rate for optimal low-light performance. Nice.

My favourite Time Lapse and Night Lapse! My No.1 is Video Time Lapse. Below a first try. Very noob. Beginners try. I did not have the settings right. But just for fun.

The Flash! :-D


The Yum List said...

Ooh, fancy stuff. ;-)

The Yum List said...

Ooh, fancy stuff. ;-)

suituapui said...

Good start! Looking forward to more exciting videos from you... ;)

Adam said...

I remember wanting one in the 90's real bad. My mother would never get it for us. Now I can do anything besides pro stuff with my digital camera and my iPod Touch

mun said...

This is really a very useful gadget! Can record this on the go.

Yee Ling said...

Wow..that's a cool gadget.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi YumList, thanks :)

Suituapui, am not really the video guy, but i would love to share some!

Adam very true haha. My mom always said it will be a waste and we will get bored after a few tries.

Mun yup! especially for sports :)

Yeeling yeap ;)

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