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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Snowboarding Discovery Lesson at Ski Dubai, Mall of Emirates

Further to my posting Top 5 Things to Do This Coming Weekend in Dubai, i have finally did the one and only activity that i have been trying to find time for. Yes. My top pick. Doing some snowboarding at Ski Dubai!

At Ski Dubai Entrance

Finally arrived. The Ski Dubai is a amazing indoor snow resort in the Mall of Emirates. Having a mountain-themed wintry setting, with huge ski slopes, it a perfect place to have a comparable feel of skiing in the real natural environment.

Counter Area

The common entrance fees are the Super Pass at AED 250 (includes visiting, car lift ride, giant ball and fleece gloves voucher) and Power Pass at AED 300 (includes super pass and discovery lesson or peng-friend encounter or snow bullet). However, we did not come for leisure but instead wanting to gain some snowboarding experience. So we went for the Ski School Discovery Lesson (60mins session) at AED150.

Got Our Tix!
We booked online in advance to avoid disappointment. So on the day we just need to head to the counter and register. Get a locker card for AED25 to stuff our belongings. It is just that easy to enjoy the Ski Dubai.


Head inside, collect our winter cloths, basically a outer-shell jacket and long-pants. Very good quality. Keeps me sweating. A pair of boots (you can ask for disposable socks too). And a Snowboard! The only disappointment was sleeve or gloves was not provided or given. So we got to buy new ones, fortunately was cheap, AED50 a pair. There should be more notice and warnings about this.

I must admit it was a exceptional experience. Snowboarding was much easier compared to wakeboarding that i tried in Malaysia at Putrajaya. Guess it is much easier to balance on snow than water. The snowboarding feeling was awesome. I was never good at ice skiing, still remembered how i slip and fell down embarrassingly. At least i am pretty good at snowboarding. cool.

My Hearty English Breakfast Version

Not to forget my version of hearty english breakfast to kick start the day! Cooked some pretty heavy breakfast, wanting the satisfying feeling. Have a good day peeps!


suituapui said...

imagine that! Snow in the middle of a desert! Reminds me of Anggun's song. I'd go for what's in your last pic only though - will sit and enjoy that slowly...while I wait for everybody. :D

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like great fun! Amazing to be able to snowboard in the desert! By the time you finished your snowboarding, I am sure all of your hearty breakfast would have burned up!

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui, haha. well they do have few very nice restaurants and cafe around the Ski Dubai. Believe these are where many people with same interest as you want to enjoy yourself and chill while waiting.

Hi Nancy, it was really fun. At least we get to do some snowboarding as it was easy. Not like ice skiing and wakeboarding, pratically did nothing because it was so difficult :S, maybe because i was heavy lol.

The Yum List said...

With all of that hard work snowboarding, you need a hearty breakfast right. :-)

mun said...

Wah you are a good cook. Your breakfast looks so delicious! Your partner looks so cute sitting there waiting for the lessons. Did she find snowboarding easy too?

Adam said...

inside snow sports? I'm jealous

Irvine Chin said...

YumList, yup. Need the power up :)

Mun thanks! I enjoy cooking. hhmmm.. i think it is pretty difficult for her. As she is anti-sports kind of girl. Kinda not strong enough to move around or control the snowboard. Perhaps girls should go for skiing.

Adam, lol. You do get the outdoor ones over there?

themabelkwong said...

Indoor snowboarding certainly looks fun, and looks worth it when much of the gear is included for a fee. Including helmets too - which I think is very important because I'm presuming a lot of the clientele aren't experienced snowboarders and only do it once in a while. Also, if I'm correct snowboarding is a rather demanding kind of activity where you have to use your hands and legs :D

Very hearty breakfast indeed and I'm sure it gave you two a lot of energy to snowboard the day away :)

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mabel, yes do agree with you, the level of service was excellent. well equipped with safety wears. Yes you do need to utilize the entire body for a proper control over the snowboard and balance. that's hard.

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