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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One of my best buffet experience in Dubai, Kitchen6 @ JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Live Station (from the website)

Today we went for one of the famous buffet restaurant in Dubai, the Kitchen6 at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. A all-day dining restaurant featuring international buffets, asian woks, middle eastern grills, european breads and indian tandoors. Having a open kitchen concept, provides you with a great experience watching the Chefs in action. Having a total of six cooking stations, wide selections of food, and my favourite is having a fair variety of delicious desserts.

The Restaurant (from the website)
A very interesting and lively dining atmosphere. Great open concept and ambiance. Great service from entrance to dining. Very fine selection of food and also cooked beautifully. We excitedly started helping ourselves with some delicious food.

Done with main courses. We went over to the dessert station and was surprise how wonderful it was. The desserts was beautiful and tasty. Ice creams was perfect. Something i would expect in a fine dining restaurant but now having them in buffets.

Another satisfying buffet night. A lavish buffet dinner. Also don't miss their themed nights which falls on Sunday Street Food Night (AED195), Monday Curry Night (AED215) and Tuesday Mediterranean Night (AED215)

Location : JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai,
           Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Buffet Price : AED195 (including drinks) and above.
Rating : 4.2/5.0
Critics : None. With a reasonable price, with such great qualities and standards. I am speechless. The food can be even better. I don't mind to pay more.

Will i be back? I am already craving for more daily.


The Yum List said...

They certainly do buffets in a grand way in Dubai!

suituapui said...

Lots of space left in your plates. That is why I do not go for buffets anymore. Can't eat so much, used to love it so much, plates piled high and at least three rounds and then. dessert! These days, cannot anymore lah...old already. Sobssss!!!!

Adam said...

I rarely go to buffets, I don't know why. At least I wouldn't have to argue with my wife about her wanting something too expensive.

Adam said...

I rarely go to buffets, I don't know why. At least I wouldn't have to argue with my wife about her wanting something too expensive.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi YumList, yup, u know it well.

suituapui, yes better take care on the diet. my dad is in his early sixties though, but he still love buffet haha. he always goes for steamboat buffets, probably need to encourage him to cut down.

Hey Adam, perhaps you are not a big eater? so the thoughts does not come. I am used to having buffet as i eat quite a lot, and was brought to buffet many times when i was young, my parents loves buffets.

Merryn said...

Wow, you are really happy with this buffet. I used to go for buffets every weekend during my courting days. Then I got married and decided my stomach cant take that much anymore so I stopped. But now with kids that are growing, we start going for buffets again because my boys can really eat :)

Irvine Chin said...

merryn what a exceptional courting days, buffets! Yes bring you kids to buffets, i bet they love going. Seeing all the food is so enjoyable. I always go buffet when i was young, love it and great memories.

mun said...

Seeing this buffet, make me miss my buffet eating days. Good food! Looks so tasty!

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mun, i reall enjoyed this one. as the food seems so fine-dining-like.

Ana Roser said...

Yes, I got these types of food in my dining at AtelierM restaurant in Dubai Marina and that was my best days. Thanks!

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