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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Happy Holiday Peeps!


Happy holidays dear friends, family and bloggers! A happy home meal and catching one of my favourite movies, Maze Runner, Scorch Trials. I must admit the movie was pretty good! Full of thrill and excitment. I got the Scorch Trial Combo Meal! I know the movie was released in Malaysia quite awhile ago. In Dubai the movies seems to release few weeks later. Dont know why, but i believe it was the censoring and terrorist checking thingy! Correct me if i am wrong. LOL.


Adam said...

That's one thing I admit America has better than anyone else, is virtually no censorship when it comes to movies. The industry can do it but the government almost always stays out of it.

Sean said...

it was only a one-day holiday in KL, so we're all back to work on a friday now, heh! :)

Traveling Rockhopper said...

looks ok, but i always prefer home-made food :)

Nancy Chan said...

Hello Irvine, hope you had an enjoyable holiday! Have a wonderful weekend!

1ondoncalling said...

He he.. How was Part 2?
I watched Maze Runner last year when I balik'ed kampung.
The film was released in the UK just a few weeks too, I think.

mun said...

I have only watched Maze Runner part 1 only. Not yet watched part 2. Good to hear you enjoyed watching it. Maybe I will watch later since you say it is nice.

CQUEK said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

contact.ewew said...

Your scorch trial combo looks good. We don't have a sandwich option in KL cinemas.

contact.ewew said...

Oops, sorry...that was your homemade sandwich?

suituapui said...

Home meal? You made that sandwich yourself. My! It sure looks good, real pro...like any at the upscale cafes and restaurants.

What holiday was it? Well, whatever it was, sure looks like you had a great one. Cheers!

Yee Ling said...

Spending some time watching a movie during holiday is awesome.

Irvine Chin said...

Yes Adam! People can educated themselves. Why censor!

Sean, oh my. hehe. Friday is off here ;)

Rockhopper, do agree with you. but the cooking :(

Thanks Nancy. U Too.

Hi 1ondoncalling, part 2 was good. Still filled with excitment. But i do prefer part 1, more suit the title. This can be called desert runner.

Hi mun definitely worth watching.

Thanks CQUEK, u ToO.

haha sorry for the confusion ewew :P

hi Suituapui, thanks :) . its the muslim holidays. the biggest one.

Yee ling, great to spend valuable time. and cheap with buy1free1 ;P

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