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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Feeling like Winter in Desert at St. Moritz Cafe @ Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Snowboarding at Ski Dubai

Great experience snowboarding last weekend, check it out here. What's more? Nice cosy environment and good view of the Snow Mountains and Penguins in Ski Dubai. Alpine atmosphere. Christmassy feel. Yes. Is the St.Moritz Cafe. 

The St.Moritz Cafe. From the Internet.
Grill Salmon (AED 66.00)
Lamb Tagine (AED 66.00)

We had the Grilled Salmon and Lamb Tagine. Their food do have pretty good flavours, was delicious. Price was reasonable too. One of the interesting restaurants you can find in Dubai, with great winter feel in the desert country. Environment was excellent.

Location : St.Moritz Cafe, Mall of Emirates,
           GF, next to Ski Dubai
Rating : 3.8/5.0

Critics : Everything was great besides the poor customer service. Well, that's the key problems restaurants owner have when there are some staff that have lack of responsibility or customer service skills. This 1 or 2 staff may have just ruined customer's experience. We were standing at the entrance, but both staff at the entrance did not entertain us but was speaking with themselves, doing something and also walked away. The fat-pinoy-man staff did entertained a western couple before us. He obviously saw us too but of course did nothing. Therefore, we walked in ourselves, expect not-wait-to be seated.

Will i be back? Probably.


The Yum List said...

Service, service, service... it's of number one importance.

Adam said...

that place looks very cool

Small Kucing said...

shame on their CS. Maybe looking down on asian?

Traveling Rockhopper said...

it's interesting, but at the same time crazy, using so much resources to sky on a desert...

Traveling Rockhopper said...

it's interesting, but at the same time crazy, using so much resources to sky on a desert...

suituapui said...

Looks so nice and cold, unlike here hazy and hot! That lamb looks gorgeous!

Irvine Chin said...

Indeed Yumlist.

Adam yes, love the place honestly :)

SmallKuching, you can say that's one of the reasons :P

Rockhopper thanks for popping by. Well let money do the talking ;)

Suituapui, a nice place for you to have a cup of coffee.

mun said...

Sometimes even worse, not only do the staff ignore people waiting for a seat but when the people walked in themselves, the staff scold them and ask them to wait outside.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mun yes i do realize that do happen. If i am right that did happen to me before, only when i was young though. Now, the staff would get a proper scolding from me hehe.

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