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Friday, 7 August 2015

Why i chose to Travel?

Irvine at Beamish Museum, Durham

Today was another day at work. Seems like a quiet day. Project Manager ain't running around shouting. Nobody seems rushing. Client wasn't around peeking on progress. My manager no where to be seen. Got a little bored and started stalking updated news feed on facebook. Usual day for a typical Gen-Y like me... 

Something caught my attention. Someone posted a short comic, those that you can find in the daily newspaper. It goes something like this.

A : Hey B, how many hours you work a week?
B : Erm.. 64 hours.
C : You s**k. You need to work that hard just to keep your job?

Irvine at Highlands, Scotland

Travelling is not about escaping from the life we had back there. To me it is about finding life. When you see life, you control work, not let work control life. Many people plan their life following the flow of work. You should at least go for vacation minimum twice a year. Local or overseas, does not matter.
Irvine at Ainu Village, Japan

When you are around at work, you are always important. People just can't have you leaving for more than a week. Everything will go wrong. COME ON, just leave, when you are not around, you are actually not that important. People just make you important, because people need someone to throw responsibility to.

Irvine at Berlin, Germany
Just like many people around the world, i started Travelling when i got the opportunity to study in the UK. Newcastle Upon Tyne. Working hard, earning cash for travel and living expenses. Working few part-time jobs while studying, going from Stadiums, to Ball Rooms, to Horse Races Events, to restaurants, to Bars, to Pubs. After my studies, working full-time jobs in restaurants from waiter to dish washer with additional on call part-time jobs.

Irvine at Disneyland Paris

Later on back to Malaysia, working hard, advanced to senior position. I think i left work average 7pm everyday and working during weekends. Am a workaholic. But, spoil market.!

Irvine at Guinness Brewery, Dublin

Getting stagnant. I took a bigger step ahead. Now working global in Dubai (great excuse for more Travel). Although i travel a lot, looks like i spend a lot, but i do have few investments. Actually quite a lot for someone at my age. secret*. People do say, "i am a man with a plan". cough*

Irvine at Ibiza, Spain

You work hard to get the life you want. Not work hard for to survive only.

Irvine at Snow Money Park, Japan

If you are not convinced on the benefits of traveling, nothing probably will. Everyday in our life is a journey. So which way you are taking...

Irvine at Desert Safari, Dubai


suituapui said...

Yes, travelling is a whole lot more than just seeing and reading in a book (or a blog) or watching on television. The first-hand experience is priceless. I love going to interesting places, different, unique destinations - not one of those tourist traps...and with culture and character - and not soulless big cities with huge shopping malls and classy restaurants (like old Singapore in the 60s & 70s VS Singapore today). Too bad I am old now...and I can't really afford to travel. Sobsssss!!!!!

The Yum List said...

I like your importance logic. I think travel makes us better people - workplaces need better people - they should encourage everyone to travel. :-)

Shirley Tay said...

I love to travel do cause a lot of experiences are gained thru exposure. I believe that travelling should start from young. I'm glad I had that opportunity as a kid & that in Singapore, children are so well-travelled. It's really a blessing!

Yee Ling said...

Interesting sharing. My traveling philosophy is very simple...I want to see lots of interesting and unique things that each country has on its own.hahha

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui, dont worry. there is always room for travel. dont let the chance go, when you are up for it, do go ahead ;) and yes agree with you fully, i love places with a lot of culture and tradition. that's the fun part of travelling, getting expose.

Hi YumList, yes indeed! brighter and fun people makes life better right?

Shirley, happy to hear that. yes, letting kids getting expore since young is important. although they may not have remembered most of it, but these are what makes them grow and mature having more understanding on many things.

Yee ling yup! hehe. Japan will suit you well!

mun said...

Have you written a post about investigating? Would be interesting to see the investments you think.is good - property? Stocks? Mutual funds? Insurance savings? Business? Luxury goods? Art pieces?

About traveling I believe a widely read person with a vivid imagination would be just as rich in knowledge. Traveling for leisure is not a must. Have you read articles about tourists spoiling Barcelona? Sometimes tourism can really harm the environment and city if not managed properly.

mun said...

I meant investing not investigating in the previous comment.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Mun, i would gladly have a chat with you about investment over a cup of coffee! but not here i guess, since i am not that into writing about investment here.

Yes i do read articles about travelling, tourism, whenever i came across any. Well even in news there are plentiful. Yes, tourism do harm if not managed. Main like polution. Anyway tourism does more good than bad. Long story.

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