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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Vacation to Moscow #my top travel destination

Moscow. A truly iconic, vibrant and modern city. One of the most iconic and wealthy city in the world. Unlike any other city. Travel Moscow! 

Moscow. Not a familiar name to us Asian parts? The word “Russia” will ring the bell. Yes. Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. We know this “power house” country very well. 

Haven’t yet planned a vacation to the capital of Russia is definitely my biggest miss in my travel list. Missing out especially the popular attractions in Moscow such as the Kremlin, the Nine Domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Bolshoy Theater and always my favourite activity, walking around in the heart of the city, Red Square, randomly hoping to pass by interesting shops, cafes and historical sites.

When will I travel to Moscow? Well, definitely my one of my top picks “asap”. Moscow is a cold country. Peak seasons are around May through September when it is slightly warm. Having to enjoy more daylight for travelling and warmer weather. Usually during the snowy winter months are low travel season due to the extreme cold weather. However, you get different travel experience. For me, I do enjoy the extra kick of the snowy weather. Beautiful views. Getting the chance to play snow balls. More extreme, snow activities like snowboarding and skiing. I believe high chances I could be planning my trip to Moscow mid or end of next year! It is the same for me, I enjoyed both travel seasons.

Where to stay? I would book apartment in Moscow. Yes, holiday apartments are my choice now; I enjoyed the pleasant homestay kind of experience. You know, the homely furniture and well equipped kitchen with appliances. Further the prices are usually lower than hotels and you still enjoy experience that are quite similar, and definitely better than low cost hostels. 

Any traveller will always have one question in common, how safe is it in Moscow? That’s a silly question to ask since we are talking about one of the most iconic city in the world. There are many tourists, and even Russians are tourist themselves in many of these places. Since Russia is such a huge country, hence, Moscow is a top attraction to many of their residents from other parts of Russia. Well, when travelling, always be responsible on your own safety.

Moscow. My top travel destination. I highly recommend to book apartment in Moscow.


suituapui said...

I know a lot of students from here going there to study Medicine.

Nancy Chan said...

Moscow, Russia are not the commonly mentioned or talked about places for vacation, so I guess people are not sure about the safety. Looking forward to read about your vacation in Moscow.

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui yup. they are pretty strong in that field too.

Nancy very true. However, Moscow is a nice place. Definitely will share in detail in da near future ;)

The Yum List said...

I do have safety concerns too - I've heard some unpleasant travel stories.

Rose said...

A friend gone there to study medicine. I discovered that quite a lot of Malaysian studies medicine in Russia.

All shops close pretty early in the evening, I heard.

Coffee Girl said...

Not exactly in my top 10 countries to visit, but perhaps sometime in the future. Even not been in all of Asian countries :( more so now that MYR value has dropped lower

[SK] said...

oh, i would like to visit Russia too, but there is actually a concern on the safety.. i have friends who actually have been to Moscow and St Petersburg, the Kremlin is something that i would like to see.. hahaha, i know there are surely more things to see, but at the moment i only know Kremlin, "paiseh" :p

Merryn said...

Good luck and hopefully you'll land in Moscow very soon :)

Mabel Kwong said...

Moscow! It's a city renowned for history and architecture. I do hope you get to go at some point and if you do, tell us about it.

Personally, I'm a warm weather kind of person. Can't stand the cold - and this is coming from someone who has spent ten years living in Malaysia and Singapore. I admit it: I do not mind the tropical, humid weather. Actually, now that I am living in Australia, I miss that kind of climate :)

mun said...

I heard that moscow is a very expensive city. Must save up a lot to go travel there.

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I've been there once, during my second Europe backpacking trip. It's a very cold place, people tend to be less friendly than in the other ex-Soviet states (found people in Georgia to be very friendly). Maybe it's the big city effect.

One of the coldest places I've been to, other than Latvia. :)

Irvine Chin said...

Hi YumList, please share! i would love to prepare for my travel somewhere in the future :S

Rose yes that's what i know too. But quite a unfamilar place to most of us though. Not too much advertisement i guess!

Coffeegirl yyup. Conquer asian before going further hehe.

SK good to hear you have friends been there before. need to consult them for more advice! lol.

Thanks Merryn :)

Hi Mabel definitely will share ;) Haha well is normal for people to dislike cold weathers. Like, long term thing. Cant stand waking up freezing and going to the shower!

Irvine Chin said...

Yes Mun, quite comparable to US. Travel budget lo :D

HuaiBin cool! did you share in your blog? :D

Ciki said...

I love Karedok... and would love to visit Moscow one day soon too! Thanks for stopping by my blog:D

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Ciki thanks for dropping by. Hope you will go soon too!

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