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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Top 5 Things to do this coming Weekend, Dubai

Dubai, a modern city. Desert city. Still developing at unbelievable pace. Opening up to people of different cultures, traditions and understanding. Having quite outstanding beach activities, luxury restaurants and night life. Having more than 80% population as expats, although quite many expats have settled here for a lifetime. Especially the Indians which makes up more than 50% of the population.

So... what to do this weekend? Always a question mark in a expats mind. It is middle of summer season now. Day time is sunny hot. Night time is quite hot and humid, boiling. There is nothing much interesting to do outdoors.

Here is the list i would do this Weekend. Somewhere indoor. Somewhere chilling. Somewhere freezing cold. Well, it is just another weekend.

Doing some snow boarding in Ski Dubai
The Ski Dubai

Yes. My top pick. Discover the ultimate indoor snow resort at Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates. Very huge and very interesting. Having mountain-themed wintry setting, there is a huge ski slope, snow games, ice caves and snow penguins!

Am gonna test my snowboarding skills. Will go for the full entrance package (Power Pass AED300) with a discovery lesson package. Am planning to brush up my skiing and snowboarding skills before i travel to Iceland coming October.

Best Shakes and Burgers in Town @ Shake Shack

Yummy Yummy

Probably will spend my weekend like just another usual relaxing day. Going shopping, now is summer sales! Have a walk in a shopping mall with the best Shakes and Burgers in town, dine at Shake Shack.

For tourist i would recommend the one at the Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, overlooking the huge water fountains with musical fountain every 30min and having a great view of the Burj Khalifa (World Tallest Building). 

Exploring Dubai - World Largest Mall cum World Tallest Building

View at the Top

Yes. Talking about the Dubai Mall, the world largest mall cum world tallest building. Great shopping experience. As a plus, have you ever been to the TOP?? The top of the world tallest building, Burj Khalifa. If you have not, it is time to head up there. Don't ask why, you will know when you are up there.

Skate Wing Fish

Also a second pick will be dining at the world tallest restaurant. The At.Mosphere, Burj Khalifa. Sprawling over 1,030sq.m on level 122, at a height over 442m. One of the world’s finest luxury dining and lounge experience. Definitely providing unparallelled views of the Arabian Gulf. 

Taking on the World's Fastest Roller Coaster. #Ferrari World 

The Ferarri World

If you are up for some adventure and you have not been there. Yes. Time to head to Ferrari World. Take on the world's fastest roller coaster ride! The Formula Rossa. 

This themepark will be an ideal themepark to choose during summer season because it is indoor! Only some of the rides like the roller coaster you will need to head outdoors, but that's just a short ride. You will be fine. 

Chilling at Mercato Mall #My Favourite Mall

Mercato Mall

If everything fails to interest you. Give Mercato Mall a chance. One of my favourite shopping mall. Italian themed mall, having a distinctive Renaissance architectural concept, capturing traditional Italian, French and Spanish art. The place is small, with quite a variety of shops i look forward for like Pull and Bear, Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger, Virgin Media Stores, etc. A great place for a short night out and catching a movie in the cinema.

It is just another weekend. Chill mate.! 

*For your info, in Dubai, weekends falls on Friday and Saturday.


suituapui said...

Very happening weekend here, long weekend with our National Day...and also all that cleaning!

The Yum List said...

The fastest roller coaster would have excited me when I was much younger. These days, I'm happy to go nowhere near it. ;-)

Rose said...

Dubai is such a developing and luxurious city to live in. Hope to visit it some day. And go snow boarding.

mun said...

Good guide! If ever I go to Dubai, will follow your guide here. Did you do everything you listed here during your weekend?

Nancy Chan said...

I never dare go on a roller coaster, not to mention the fastest one! I love the night view of the city from the top!

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui, yes, i wish to be there too! hehe. did you participated?

YumList, very true.! i do have that same feeling, but just a bit for now hehe.

Hi Rose, you should be going sand boarding as a tourist haha. Since i am here long term, therefore, just a extra activity.

Hi Mun, yup! i did all of them. some numerous times. However, only my top pick snowboarding, will be doing it next week. been scheduled :D

Hi Nancy. don't worry. Fastest one seems the least scary lol. Yes the view was amazing. I was surprise.

Merryn said...

It's the same in Johor I think, their weekend falls on Friday and Saturday too. Love the night shot. Did you shoot that pic?

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Merryn!, yes correct! ;)

Thanks, yes i took them. If you check out my posting for the burj khalifa, u can see more

Yee Ling said...

Gulp...the fastest roller coaster. Ok I want to see only from far far away.

Irvine Chin said...

dont worry yeeling, it is not scary but fast :P

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