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Monday, 24 August 2015

A Taste of Indonesia, Betawi @ Jumeirah Lake Towers

Chilling at Jumeirah Lake TOWERS

Another day. Thinking of dinner again. We have been eating out quite often or ordering take aways. Cooking at home will be too time consuming. Also causing our apartment to stink of food and  lots of cleaning needed to be done. 

Getting bored of having our dinner at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, the only malls that are decent and convenient to go from our location. We decided to hunt for some asian food, something Indonesian, so we headed to Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). There is one good Indonesian Restaurant there called Betawi.

Betawi Entrance

Finally arriving at Betawi entrance, yumm, time for a taste of Indonesia. The entrance was quite stylish. A small restaurant but lots to offer.

The Restaurant

Loved the ambiance and the interior decoration. The interior was very simple but quite interesting. Service was pretty quick too. What i enjoyed here was the authentic food. It felt like having a meal at a local restaurant in Malaysia or Indonesia. As most asian restaurant here have slightly altered their recipe to better suit expat taste buds or due to ingredients availability in a foreign country.
Cendol (AED10.00)

We started of with the Cendol. It was quite sweet but nice. Quite strong in coconut milk flavour. A little more ice will be perfect.

Mie Goreng (AED32.00)

Main Course. Ahhhh... Mie Goreng! As always, Always Sedap!. Stir fried egg noodles in sweet soya mixed with chicken, egg, vegetables and served with crackers. Was really good, but only for us asians, needed to get used with the price. As we usually have a very delicious plate of Mie Goreng easily below AED10.00.

Pecel Ayam Special (AED35.00)

The Pecel Ayam Special. Grilled chicken with fried tofu, sayur asem soup, orek tempe and sambal terasi in a bamboo basket. This was delicious. But very spicy, the soup and sambal. Will suit people that loves spicy food. Chicken too small!

Karedok (AED30.00)

I love this one. Karedok. Fresh vegetables with delicious peanut sauce. It tasted like our chinese "lou sang". Love it.

Location : Betawi, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
Rating : 3.8/5.0
Critics : The chickens is too small. Vegetables not too fresh. Crackers? Come on, needs to be crispy!

Will i be back? Yes! For more asian food.


suituapui said...

I love Indonesian! One nice place here - when are you coming back this way? I can take you there to try.

Your noodles look like instant noodles leh? Did they use that? Can be nice too...depending on how one fries those. I do that too sometimes...and there is Maggi goreng at the shops all over the country.

Nux V said...

the mie goreng looks like instant noodles or sort of Indomie goreng. Seeing at the price, I think I will order something else...

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Irvine, this looks like a very nice place and very homely too! From the cendol to the last dish, everything looks very delicious. I love spicy food.

Merryn said...

Aiyo, now I feel like eating mie goreng. It's 1am here now! Argh!

Rose said...

That is unique to serve cendol in tall glass. And yummy! I like that mie goreng.

mun said...

The mee goreng looks good. Does Indonesia cuisine have cendol? I thought cendol is a mamak cuisine.

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui would love to! u have tried so many outstanding restaurant. They are egg noodles, fresh i presume. not instant.

Hi NuxV it is not instant lol. yea looking at the price i would to, but ordered just for the sake of trying :P

Merryn, time for bed then! lol.

Rose, yes quite unique, but i still prefer them in the bowl, eating with spoon. tasted much better and also more convenient.

Mun, Indonesia also got "mamak" mah. they call different only.

Small Kucing said...

I like the ayam pecet. Had it before when i was in Indon

Irvine Chin said...

Wow lucky u. I never been to Indon before, always wanting to visit though.

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