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Friday, 3 July 2015

The Meat CO @ Souk Al Bahar #Steakhouse

The Burj Khalifa cum Dubai Mall

Today we will be visiting one of the highly rated Steakhouse Restaurant in Dubai. Being one of the top rating restaurants by word and also in reviews, definitely deserve a visit. The Meat Co.

The Entrance

The Meat Co. have been around for quite some time, and have been highly recommended by Dubaians. Therefore, we should give it a try. I would say the customer service was great. The atmosphere was great. The ambience was great. The locations was great. The food presented was great

However, price vs food was still a though decision. The food here was very costly, as i could get something better with a cheaper price elsewhere, i cant really sum up the food over price thing. Well the price includes whatever that is "great", so it is still well worth it.



Embarassing it may be, my favourite will the complimentary bread. It was exellent and very well flavoured. One of the best. Everytime i visit a nice restaurant, i always look forward for their complimentary bread.

I had the Grilled Lamb Cutlets (AED 220), looks really delicious but unfortunately it was pretty tasteless. As a meat lover i did enjoyed it still. My partner had Steak, fillet, 200g as usual (AED 240). It was pretty good. And she love them medium.

The Interior

Honeslty we were not that impressed with the food. Maybe due to our budget. Probably we should have splurge more and ordered something more luxury. Then maybe, we can see how great this restaurant was. Afterall great things comes in great prices too.

Location : The Meat Co, Downtown Dubai,
                Souk Al Bahar
Rating   : 4 / 5

Will i be back? Probably!


suituapui said...

What a lovely looking place! So classy...and expensive, no doubt! Food looks great, of course. Btw, I've a friend joining Emirates, based in Dubai - who knows I may hop over on a visit some day? Hehehehe!!!!

Linda said...

Very beautiful and elegant, Irvine! :)

Irvine Chin said...

hi suituapui, good to hear you have friends coming over! looking forward for your arrival too ;)

hi Linda, indeed :D

The Yum List said...

Are you still in Dubai? I wonder if we were in the city at the same time?

Yee Ling said...

Meat meat....yumms. I love medium done steak too.

Sean said...

the meat looks awesome! i hope it was still a bit bloody (my preference, heheh) :D

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Irvine, both the exterior and interior look very classy. I like the complimentary bread and potato fries. I only eat well done meat.

mun said...

I am lazy to do the conversion myself. How much are those in RM?

The food looks great although you say the lamb was bland but you still enjoy the ambience, right?

Irvine Chin said...

Hi YumList, well of course, i was here all the time :P

Yee Ling, thumbs up*

lol sean, i do agree steak pros like u usually like eating them a bit bloody. but not my preference still hehe.

Hi Nancy. yes indeed. haha, just like my partner. dont feel right when they are not well done.

Hi Mun, at the moment you can roughly say it is the same. RM was slightly stronger before, but now RM is getting way weaker. And yes, ambience was exceptional :)

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