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Friday, 31 July 2015

Getaway to a Country that Shaped Like Sweet Potato, Taiwan #Flashback #Taipei #Part 2

Flashback, Taipei, Part 2! Taipei have always been one of the choice Malaysian made for their travel. Able to get hold of cheap flights. Vibrant place. Chinese speaking. Huge night markets, plentiful street foods. Lovely Taiwan Sausages, desserts and dumplings which are well known in Malaysia. If you have travelled to different countries, in Taipei you get to experience a mix of Chinese, Western and Japanese.

Taipei have been a really enjoyable place to visit. I would say my experience was perfect. Now our journey continues..

Visiting the Old Wooden Jingtong Station

The Old Wooden Jingtong Station

This place is one of my personal favourite. Located in Pingxi Distric, New Taipei City. A well known tourism area, very traditional, very historical, with many stalls and souvenir shops. Originally a coal mining town.

Entrance Area
Old School Game
Photo Spot
The Train
Train Line

Checking out stones at Yehliu GeoPark

Yehliu, quite a interesting place to visit, with a number of rock formations with very interesting shapes near the seashores. A famous one, the "Queen's Head". Even mushroom head, ginger head, you name it. Why the shapes? Well i wont go into the details, but well mostly due to limestones, sea water, weather conditions, etc which caused the soil/stones to form as time passed.

The Yehliu Geopark

Darn! Raining! But nature do not stop us!

The City. The Taipei 101

In the City

Taipei city is beautiful. Modern. Clean. Vibrant. Safe. We enjoyed the night walk really much, the city was a pleasant place to stoll, and plentify of shopping malls. Weather was great.

Well while you are in the city. Do not miss out the Taipei 101. The building was once the world's tallest somewhere till 2010, losing to the Burj Khalifa. Honestly this building is gorgeous, one of the most beautfil building i have witnessed. Even the Burj did not gave me the wow factor (maybe due to weather/sky effect too).

Time to say Good Night at the Fisherman's Wharf

Finally, our last stop, Tamsui Fisherman's Whaft, a very beautiful and lovely place, a must visit for lovers. This place is well known by its beautiful sightseeing, seafood and especially the lover's bridge. Of course, we are here for the lover's bridge :)

The Lover's Bridge

Good Night People. Stay tune for more travel updates!


The Yum List said...

That station sure has a lot of character.

suituapui said...

Ahhhhh!!! Lovers' Rock! There was a Shaw Brothers' movie by that name - with those rocks as the setting, starring Cheng Pei Pei (last seen in Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger), if I remember correctly.

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful rock formations and I like the night scenes. Hoping to visit Taiwan one day.

Shirley Tay said...

I'm not a fan of Taiwan, maybe because I don't enjoy street food. But I've to admit Yehliu is a must-visit tourist attraction!

Merryn said...

Xiu Loong Pau! I wish to go to Taipei one day to try all their street food and desserts.

Small Kucing said...

It's certainly a beautiful city :)

Irvine Chin said...

Yumlist indeed. i enjoyed visiting such places.

suituapui you sure know the movies ;)

Hi Nancy, yes, i do reckon you. Make sure you visit the places i posted!

Yes Shirley, yehliu is something special. Taiwan wasnt in many ppl travel list so was mine. I just followed my partner and frens, but i was amaze when i was there though. I underestimate Taiwan.

Hi Merryn, yup, go go go! Surprise knowing many people have not been there. Since it is near to Malaysia hehe. Believe ppl choice will start from Japan > Korea > Hong Kong > Thailand > Singapore > ETC > only Taiwan.

Small Kuching yup ;)

mun said...

I think I went to Taiwan 4 times in the last 3 years to visit my grandma. Nice place to visit.

Irvine Chin said...

wow. how lucky to have such hometown. great reasons to go there. I only have borneo experience, going back to Sarikei. Which is still the same country ;(

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