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Monday, 13 July 2015

Dinner at World Tallest Restaurant, The Atmosphere @ Burj Khalifa


Today is a day when one has many thoughts going about in one’s mind. What have one achieved in his or her lifetime? What have one experienced during the whole past year? What have one gained? Did one regretted for not putting more effort in the past? 

Well, no matter what one have not achieved or gained. One will look forward and focus on the present. Not the past. Not the future. Past is a experience to be treasured. Future is a plan to path your way.

I will proudly announce that I am one year older. (darn! It's my Birthday again!)

Chilling at the World Tallest Restaurant

My love brought me to a very fine restaurant to celebrate my Birthday. Somewhere i would look forward to. Sprawling over 1,030sq.m on level 122, at a height over 442m. One of the world’s finest luxury dining and lounge experience. Definitely providing unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf.

The World Tallest Restaurant (The At.Mosphere), located in the World Tallest Building (The Burj Khalifa).

Table Setting

Love the luxury table setting. The restaurant was nice. The customer service was excellent. The view was exceptional. Well, it is the At.Mosphere.

Now.. let's check out the food. Always starting off with my favourite and what i look forward to (cheapskate), the complimentary breads!

Complimentary Breads

Love the breads, freashly baked, you can choose about 5 types. Unlimited. Comes with seaweed and salted butter. Best.

Wild Scottish Salmon
Skate Wing Fish

We started off with two very outstanding appetizers. First was the Wild Scottish Salmon with vegetable macedonia and oscietra caviar (caviar is actually sturgeon fish egg). We weren't really used to having caviar which was the highlight, however, it was pretty good. 

My favourite will be the second appetizer, Skate Wing Fish (type of ray) and Organic Quinoa Salad with menton lemon dressing. The dish looks beautiful and also taste great. Love it.

Wagyu Beef 'Rossini'

'Chalan' Duck in two ways

Now down to main course, we had it meaty again. We are not really veggy or fishy, so lets not take a gamble and regret for going for seafoods. 

For our first main, we had the delicious Wagyu Beef 'Rossini', seared foie gras, brie-potato gratin, perigueux sauce. Medium done as usual. It was really good.

Also we did enjoyed our second main, 'Chalan' duch in two ways, roasted on the bone witt duck jus, wrapped in crepe with orange sauce and cucumber.

The level of cooking was really there. No wonder At.Mosphere are one of the top in the world.


Very thoughtful for them to provide complimentary snacks and gifts. We didn't order any desserts as we were pretty full and we had another complimentary dessert, my birthday cake :)

Another Year Older!
Happy Birthday Irvine :)

Thanks to my love, i had a great evening. A expensive one. Well the night doesn't end there, headed home and had my second birthday cake :P My favourite Red Velvet, with LOTSA icing.


Good Night Guys. And hope everyone was doing fine back in Malaysia. As lately having the "Lau Yat" fighting issues going on there. Way too many videos popping up in Facebook. People are fighting! Take Care Malaysians!

Location : The Burj Khalifa, Level 122
           Access from Armani Hotel, Dubai 
Price    : AED 450 (Appetizer/Main or Main/Dessert)
           AED 600 (Appetizer/Main/Dessert)
Rating   : 4.6 / 5

Will i be back? Whenever i need luxury!


Nux V said...

nice birthday treat! i'd like to see the view from that restaurant...must be great view from up there!

The Yum List said...

I'm so glad to see your pics from this restaurant. We didn't have time to squeeze it in during our recent visit.

Nancy Chan said...

Happy Birthday to you, Irvine. What a lovely treat with your love celebrating with you.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi NuxV, yes the views was amazing. Being so high up, looking down at the view is totally different.

YumList, that's unfortunate, hope to see you coming back though!

Thanks Nancy! ;)

Small Kucing said...

Happy birthday Irvine !☺

Small Kucing said...

Happy birthday Irvine !☺

Coffee Girl said...

Food looks excellent too! Happy Birthday Irvine!

Huai Bin said...

The food looks awesome!

Tallest restaurant in the world eh? Yeah, the ambience is nice too, love the gift that comes with the meal. Skate and salmon, the food is not native to Dubai, have seen a documentary where they track the seafood from source to Dubai and have a RFID chip to ensure it doesn't drop below a certain temperature so it remains fresh.

Love the look of the Waygu Rossini.

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Small Kuching and Coffee GIrl! Long time no see!

Huai Bin, u definitely know the things ;)the native dubai food wont be too much of a attractions. People still would go for western or european for a change. Paying more for something different.

CQUEK said...

Very romantic. HBD

mun said...

Ah, I am late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Well better late than never right?

What a memorable way to celebrate. Well planned by your beloved partner. How sweet.

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks CoffeeGirl! :)

Thanks CQUEK!


themabelkwong said...

What a way to celebrate your birthday. Certainly a celebration in style with good food and the one you love. Very nice of the restaurant to bring out a "cake" for you - it looks like marshmallows in raspberry sauce. And a candle on the side too, so game of them. Happy belated Birthday! :)

Irvine Chin said...

hi Mabel, indeed. A thanks to my partner for this wonderful night. Thank you for the wishes!

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