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Friday, 12 June 2015

What i don't miss about Newcastle Upon Tyne

As most of you have already known. I am a Newcastle Upon Tyne Graduate. I studied in the UK for two years, then work + travel for another year. There goes my uni life in Newcastle~

What i dont miss!

World Largest Moving Funfair.
  There are no awesome Fun Fairs. All small and dodgy.

Alcohols for the Night. At The Gate, Beyond.
 Nobody drinks here. Nobody enjoys getting wasted.

Halloween Night
 People here are geeks. Nobody celebrates Halloween.

CNY Celebration
 Nobody remembers Chinese New Year. No "Ang Pao". Why care?

The Beamish Museum
 There are no culture, history or live museums. Nothing, even close by Newcaslte.

Northumbria University, Habita
In University there are no Bars and Clubs. Just canteens.

Almost every city in UK have a China Town
Newcastle is poor. There is no China Town.

The Millenium Bridge
 Newcaslte is like a small village. Dark, Boring and "Ulu".

Angel of the North

There is nothing outstanding like the Eiffel Tower

Superdry Retail
Peace. Camwhoring in da dressing room during Mega Sales. Well. It is obviously i miss Newcastle.
Travel plan. Next year. I should be back.


mun said...

Nice walkdown memory lane again. Can see the fun you had studying there. I miss UK too having worked in Newbury for about 4 years.

Irvine Chin said...

Thanks Mun. yes indeed, great fun, wow lucky u! able to work for 4 years. such a great opportunity to stay so long.

suituapui said...

I had friends studying there too but that was way back in the late 70's, long before you were born. I love the UK, same here - wish I could go again some day.

Nux V said...

Newcastle a sleepy town? it might not be happening but the countryside scenery is superb.

Irvine Chin said...

hi suituapui, good to hear that. i really wonder whats it like being there during the time i was not born lol.

NuxV, newcastle is actually the top happening nightlife in UK. hehe. there is only one main city with everything, so everyone parties at the same city everynight.

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