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Monday, 8 June 2015

Once in a Life Time

The dreams that I have longed for, are slowly approaching and unfolding. When I close my eyes, i can always hear someone's prayer. I believed that with all the hardwork and a little bit of luck, we can do anything. Well, almost anything. Still a doubt deep inside. That's where we need the 10% luck.

Such a hectic world we live in, yet we strive hard in life. Striving endlessly in achieving the visions we believed in. 

Growing up. Celebrating. Seeking love. Going to University. Studying for exams. Getting Drunk. Being emotional. Getting Married. Feeling lost. Getting a new job. Having great friends. Counting the years. Travel the World.

Yet time flew by us, just like that, and, not many of us have taken one step back..
Well... lets take a step back once..


Just a song i enjoyed... continue down..!

High School
High School. The time where you will really miss your school days. Filled with memories that will last for a lifetime. I was blessed for having such wonderful classmates that gives me the best high school experience during my last two years in high school. Well, most activities was more like out of school though :P

Thank you all. Without all of you, high school wont be that awesome.

The Prom Night
Like all highschool. The best night ever, the Prom. But unfortunately, it is time to say farewell. Surprisingly, we don't really feel down and worried about the ending of highschool. Maybe due to the excitement of going to the end of year Prom Night, just like in the movies. Getting all well dressed and partying all night. 

And of course, thinking about which college to go to. Meeting new friends. Witnessing some awesome college life.

Group Study
Finally in college. Taylor's College! College times was ok ok to me. Did not had that college life i was expecting. As everyone was so goodie. Goodie overloaded. But i did met some really great people too where we are still meeting up till to date.

College Graduation
College Graduation! Unfortunately, FML. 3 years flew by.

We definitely went to the wrong college. Well, Taylor's College was a great college in Subang Jaya, great facilities, great education system, with active youngsters, chilling everyday and night.  

However, we are not based at the hot spot, Subang. Our campus was at the old Leisure Commerce Square which we call Bali Building. It was saddening. Run down. There goes my college life.

BAL Office
I am a hardworker. I still do my "training" during my studies. Whenever there is a break or school holidays, i will definitely do a part time. I have worked in four different companies before I graduated from College.

Yeah. Finally.!! A dream for all students, studying abroad. I am blessed for getting this opportunity. Thanks dad. It was a life changing experience. And a experience one can't replace and would forever cherish. Went to Northumbria University, Newcaslte Upon Tyne. I did my degree for two years and stayed for another year working and travelling.

The first few friends i met in Newcaslte, as we are all staying in the same building, with catering services. We got to know each other at the canteen. Malaysian - Hong Kong - China. Missing them. It was great talking to these Hong Kong people, felt like in the HK movies.

Finally Graduating Again!
FML. Graduating Again! Too Fast!! High School then College then University and Next?!

Company Trip at Singapore
Working with cool collegues! This was taken during our company trip to Singapore. We extended another night just for some extra kick. 


I started my career in one of the largest Cost and Contract Consultancy firm in Malaysia, Davis Langdon and Seah. It was a great place. I have never regretted my choice. Btw, i am in the Construction Line.

Hanging out With Buddies

The adventure does not end just like that right? Life is short, look just how fast time passed by. I am still day dreaming about having a pint at a local bar in Germany.  Having a getaway to the Highlands at Scotland. Dancing Salsa at the Nancy Bordello in Newcastle. Walking around France and having Berthillon Ice Cream. Travelling all around Europe. Having picnic and looking at ducks and swans. 

Darn, i am working now... 8am - Midnight at times. Working for people s**ks.

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque
Needing more exposures, needed to see more, now embarking on a new and more exciting working life. I went further. Now, working in Dubai, in the Middle East. 

I would say it is all part of the plan. That I have envisaged years ago. Nothing could happen if it is not meant to be. Opportunity came, here I am, idealizing my plan, working global, in the Middle East. Check out my travels in the UAE.!


mun said...

Good that you are living your dream life now. Nice to see you walking down memory lane. Will you be walking down the conventional road that 90% of people take after this - marriage and children? Could not find you in your high school photo - have your looks changed a lot since then?

Irvine Chin said...

yes mun, that's like the thing in the plan? lol. haha i am right there at the back. Just a lil small, did not changed too much.

suituapui said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! The transformation - you looked very different, I could not make out where you were in the early pics. Life goes on, one day at a time...step by step. You sure have gone very far. Ok, next step - little Irvines!!! :D

suituapui said...

You never accepted my friend request on Facebook, still active there? Oh yes, I use my real name there...not suituapui.

Yee Ling said...

I think I also have a class photo very similar like yours..And now I want to 'korek' all the old photo album to reminisce the old good memories.

Nux V said...

lol! that high skool photo in the science lab! I hav a similar photo too, I mean of all the places in skool, our science lab is the preferred spot for taking pictures?! great to see ur down memory lane pictures...

Huai Bin said...

Nice! I think I've lost all my old photos but I may still have the negatives. It'll be nice to scan them all into a digital format.

College and uni are the best years of my life! :)

Stacy said...

Haha this is a good intro to you. :) If you think Taylor's College was the wrong one... you'd have had culture shock at mine - Mara college hehe.

You're brave to take the step to Abu Dhabi. Happy working!

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui haha very funny. yes, little irvines comming soon! and facebook? ah darn, if i saw suituapui definitely noticed. i will take a look! paiseh.

hi yee ling & huai bin, yup. the old days. how can one ever forget :D

hi nux, guess all highschools are similar yea? haha probably the science lab was the most interesting place in school. messing up the chemicles!

Hi Stacy, haha Taylors was great, just only at the wrong campus. And i did had culture shock, i was the only banana in class. lol. but definitely dont sound as serious as urs, darn, Mara College??!?

Linda said...

Irvine, thank you so much for sharing about yourself. Your photos are beautiful, so nice to see all the lovely smiles. :)

CQUEK said...

thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. time flies.

Shirley Tay said...

Awesome sharing! I've to admit travelling gives one lots of exposure & I'm loving it too! Happy weekend!

Irvine Chin said...

thanks linda :)

Cquek thanks and most welcome. yes time really flies!

Second that Shirley. Happy Weekend to u!

Stacy said...

Irvine haha Mara no kidding! Was lucky to get scholarship ler. So got curfew time, warden prowling around, need permission to leave campus, strictly no going into the dorms of the opposite gender (one guy got thrown out in my year for getting caught in the girls dorm. Oh well that's all over, life goes onw.

Irvine Chin said...

Stacy... that's... like in a cell. but i believe there is a fair share of excitement etc on such experience. like sneaking around at night with buddies to the girl dorms etc lol. Or fearing the fierce warden whenever he is coming.

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