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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Irvine's Diary - Working Life, finally the 1600Ton Crawler Crane is Moving!

Today, i will be one and a half year old in Dubai. Time flies. Honestly, time flies here. Really flies! It felt like only yesterday i made and executed my plan to work global (more like an excuse to travel the middle east)

Working life here have been rather balanced. You work hard at work, during working time. You leave work on time. Working Overtime is for your own interest. Weekend are for personal time. Annual leave are great rewards. That's why time flies!

Working life here have been very different. Compared to most Malaysian Culture, where people spend time chatting during working time, dragging work, then working Overtime. Also due to pleasing company and upper level interest. Coming back to work on weekend due to deadlines / client pressure. Having second thought of vacation because nobody is there to do the work for you.

Well, at least my previous company is like that. If you don't start showing you are working Overtime, directors and bosses started getting "worried" you are not doing enough. LOL.

That's it, let's focus on Dubai, the desert safari country! Do check out my Exploring Dubai posting for some quick facts.

Full View
Finally this big daddy is moving, the 1600Ton Crawler Crane is moving. What's so special about this crane? Well, it's a very very rare case you see one in a building construction. This big daddy was considered a "hot thing" or you can say experiencing "first time" among us construction peeps. We needed this big daddy due to the construction of the large steel structure connecting bridge at the centre of the building. The Steel was too huge and heavy for any normal crane to lift them up and also due to limited spaces nearby the building centre. So we needed one crane far away.

It cost more than AED 4 Million to have this big daddy for a month.

Crawler Crane Counter Weight
Back View
There you go. I was actually getting really excited thinking the crawler crane will succumb and tumble due to the huge steel structure weight. Some great show to see :-P

First Piece!
Yeah! Congratulation. Finally the first piece of the Structural Steel will be installed. Waited more than a year for this guys to get on board, but their work lasted less than a month. 

Done with work, me and my partner decided to have some Asian food. Well, we do get Malaysian Food here in Dubai too, not that authentic though. But today, we want some Korean! Hunted for Korean restaurant and here we are, at one authentic korean restaurant, Koreana!

Standard Sides (Included)
Topokki (AED30)
Dak-Galbi (AED85)
The food here in Koreana was ok ok to me, but i did enjoyed it because their cooking felt quite Korean home style cooking (not like i stay in Korea, but just felt like).

Location: Barsha, Dubai, Near Al Zahra Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Road
Tel: 04 392 9918
Rating : 3.5/5
Will i be back? Yes!


Small Kucing said...

...and not forgetting if you claim overtime, the bosses will say you are calculative. But if you dont claim overtime, your colleague will say you spoilt the market

Nux V said...

haha, working in M'sia (or cinapek company) with eastern mentality, u MUST do overtime (without the pay)!

Irvine Chin said...

Small Kuching, why Malaysian so Tor Tor Yeh? hehe. Lets all fight for our rights :D

NuxV so true. And they will have tons of reasons why not paying you Overtime or paying in a form of annual bonus, so called performance bonus. which at the end equals to normal annual bonnus which u should be getting :D

Shirley Tay said...

It's so nice to see your work place, Irvine! It's always nice to work overseas for exposure. I'm sure you're having lots of fun besides work :D

mun said...

Wah so nice to be able to go home on time. I agree with you on your description of the work situation here.

The giant crane is really something. Luckily it did not tumble. Would not want an accident like what happened here a few times with casualties.

I like to eat Toppoki but very expensive here.

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Shirley, yes, very lucky to had taken the opportunity. if got more kaki here lagi best ;)

hi mun, yup one of the thing i enjoyed here will be going home on time hehe. true, will be a disaster if that huge thing fail and crumble. I still misses Malaysia Korean Restaurant Tappoki, we dont get good ones here. still havent found.

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