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Friday, 8 May 2015

Tokyo Day 5 : Places tourist would skip, not knowing it is a Must Go

We had a great time at the Snow Monkey Park. Had a long good rest last night. Today, we will be having our last full day in Tokyo, it is time to visit Must-Go / Must-Try places. Usually tourist will exclude them due to their packed itinerary of shopping and food-hunting at places like shinjuku, shibuya, ginza, roppongi, etc, etc. But believe me, since you are in Tokyo, you shouldn't miss this places, but you can miss the others. 

The Tsujuki Fish Market

Do not miss a traditional sushi meal at the Tsujuki Fish Market. This is where i had my best sushi experience so far. I had many sushi meals at classy Japanese restaurants, sushi bars/counter, buffet. The seafood here was sushi fresh, and unique, and of course, delicious. It is not something you get in a restaurant dining.
    Still Snoozing

    We were not allowed to take photos in the small restaurant. It was kinda packed, customers have to go in by batches, group by group. And you have to pay minimum cost and have like 10-15min only to have your meal. But it was great and well worth.

    Long Que
    Almost Reaching!

    To see and experience more. Watch the famous Tuna Auction, around 4am in the morning! We did not go for this option as it was too early. However if you are up for it, ensure to check the calendar as Sunday is closed, and regularly on Wednesday.

    The Sensōji and Nakamise Street

    Sensōji, Japanese Shinto Temple / Nakamise Street (Asakusa Station)

    The Sensoji Temple
    One would rather pick the famous Meiji Jingu Temple (click here) and exclude this little one. But you will miss out the interesting, amazing and crowded market streets of Nakamise at the Sensoji Temple and the unique temple itself. A smell of tradition.

    I love the amazing and happening street. Filled with souvenir stalls and most important, Japanese food stalls!

    One of the famous stalls. With crispy deep fried with meat fillings.

    Follow the Que!


    Like what olden days people says, when you enter a temple, you have to pay your respect. So lets pay a visit.


    Lighting up

    Get a Fortune!
    Leave your wishes before leaving

    Sensoji is an anceint Buddhist temple of Tokyo, Japan. It is Tokyo's oldest temple. So how can you miss such tradition?

    The Oedo Onsen Monogatari

    Outdoor Foot Spa

    Located in Pallete Town (Telecome Station Centre), if you are in the city and really desperate for some onsen / hotspring experience. This is a must visit.

    A natural onsen theme park in the Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay. There are 14 varieties of baths including indoor and outdoors, using water from natural hot springs that gush up from the source 1400 metres under ground. As a plus, having outdoor foot spas, relax rooms, rock salt sauna, food stalls, shopping arcades and etc that recreate the vibrant bustle of the Shitamachi (downtown) section of old Edo.

    The Streets
    Just Chilling
     Went for Food Hunting

    My Dinner. Yum!
    Dessert! Crepes!
    Time for some Onsen
    We did not take pictures in the onsen area as everyone was nude. It was a unique experience for first timers, just not used to seeing so many different kind of D**ks.! And i believe, everyone was just comparing in there. LOL.

    Just for Sharing
    Venus Fort Shopping Mall
    Pallete Town is also a large shopping and entertainment complex consisting of the Venus Fort shopping mall, Toyota Mega Web, a Ferris Wheel, the Zepp Tokyo music venue and Tokyo Leisureland. So it is advisable to have some time before/after your onsen.

    The place area was modern and have beautiful landscapes. Great to walk around.

    Gundam! Do not miss! HAHA.

    Time to Say Good Night to Tokyo
    Finally out last night. Still not enough. Hope i had another two more nights. Tokyo is huge, if you are a fan of many things, 5 nights was insufficient (well i had two day tours, lol). Still had not tried enough Japanese Foods, not enough time for shopping and souvenir hunting, had not visit the Disneyland Themeparks, the Sumo Town, etc, etc.

    We will be back!


    suituapui said...

    I'm curious. What did your fortune tell you? Lots and lots of children? Hehehehe!!!!

    Irvine Chin said...

    hi suituapui, haha, believe only chinese fortune have such tellings.

    japanese are always about life success lol.

    Small Kucing said...

    Good fortune...congratulations then ☺

    Food looks so yummy leh...me drooling here..not yet lunch ....

    Irvine Chin said...

    Hi Small Kuching thanks and better not skip lunch! not good!

    Linda said...

    Fascinating and informative, and I love your photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Ken said...

    Love your photos, beautiful! I did not want to go Sensoji, too far from the place we stayed. Your post made me regret! Damn, now i know what i've missed!

    Irvine Chin said...

    Hi Linda. Thanks. happy to share.

    Ken thanks. well japan was pretty huge like u say. i missed few places too. will visit back again!

    Sybil said...

    omg!!!!! i love this must do/must sees list!!! so amazing!! :D i hope i can visit japan one day to experience this.

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

    The Yum List said...

    Great post. I certainly want the list of must-visits.

    Beauty Editer said...

    This is so beautiful dear!


    Irvine Chin said...

    Hi Sybil thanks. Hope to share ;D

    Yumlist, thanks, do give this places the chance, you will be amaze.

    hi beauty, thanks for dropping by.

    Cery Calasicas said...

    setyi looks so pretty in here japanese kimono :)

    Irvine Chin said...

    cery thanks. cant praise her too much lah :P

    Sean said...

    the food stalls are what catch my eye and attention at most places too! :D looks like fun photos from a great trip!

    Irvine Chin said...

    hi sean, yes indeed, thanks :D

    Sony Mingoss said...

    Hola guapa..te acabo de conocer¿quieres Que Nos sigamos por GFC? Me Encantaría, te espero en: http: //sonymingoss.blogspot.com.es/

    Irvine Chin said...

    Hola Sony

    The Yum List said...

    Definitely bookmarking this page for when I finally make it over there.

    Irvine Chin said...

    yes u really need to. especially sushi in tsujiki!

    mun said...

    What a superb trip! Both of you have so much fun especially with the onsen (which I dare not go - too shy)! I love to visit Japan and have been there 3 times. After reading your post, I want to go again so must start saving for it. Thanks for sharing!

    Irvine Chin said...

    hi mun thks. haha, the onsen, proabbly will be my first and last time going for the public onsen. not my choice.

    CQUEK said...

    wonderful couple, nice pictures

    Irvine Chin said...

    thanks CQUEK :D

    1ondoncalling said...

    Oh I miss Japan already!

    Sean said...

    definitely could use a visit to the onsen after a stressful week, heh! :)

    Irvine Chin said...

    1ondoncalling me too =(

    Sean very true. quite often i though about it lol.

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