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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tokyo Day 4 : Snow Monkey Park, Jigokudani

Today we will be visiting the Wild Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Yaen-Koen. Jigokudani is located in the mountainous area near central Japan. People named the area Jigokudani (Hell's Valley) because the steep cliffs and hot water, bursting from the earth's surface, resembled hell. However, this place is paradise for the snow monkeys.

Starting Point. 1.8km more!
From Tokyo Station we took the JR Nagano Shinkansen to Nagano Station. At the station, bought the Snow Monkey 1-Day Pass which includes unlimited used of Nagaden Train/Bus and admission to the Snow Monkey Park.


The walk up to the snow monkey park is pretty far. Still have 1.6km more to go. When you are not driving, walking 1.6km takes pretty long!

Walking through the mountainous forest was exciting. The scenery was beautiful with all the greenery covered with snows. However, very difficult to walk due to the unpaved pathways and slippery iced ground. So be ready!

Ops! Somebody truck got buried!

Hot Spring Resorts
The Nagano city is not only famous for the Snow Monkey Park but also hot spring resorts. As a plus, rich in history and culture at Nagano city, delicious sake at Obuse, and of course, famous onsen town at Yudanaka. I would recommend a two night stay in Nagano if you are up for the peaceful and relaxing experience the place can provide.

Up to Snow Monkey Park. Exhausted.
Finally Arrived
Snow Monkeys!

The Monkeys are very adorable! Especially the young ones, really chubby like due to their thick furs. You can get really close up to them, they are very friendly and used to tourist. They seems very comfortable with our presents even we do not feed them. However, do not touch!

Monkey Chilling
The Yaen Koen Hot Spring. Feel like joining them.
The Adult Monkeys
The Kiddo Monkey
The Family
Loving Family Keeping Warm
The Riverbank

Time to say farewell

Safe House. LOL.
Had a great experience. This is a place i would bring friends and families back to visit the adorable snow monkeys. Stay a night or two. Check out the city, streets, temples and onsens.

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suituapui said...

Oh dear!!! The truck!!! The monkeys give me the impression that they look kind of wise...dunno why.

Ken said...

Beautiful place, i don't dare to even think of going Japan on winter, i am sure i can't stand the subzero temperature. I went there on summer, but it was too to realize that the weather can be warmer than Malaysia LOL

Irvine Chin said...

hi suituapui! yes they are very inteligent. they seems to know what we are doing and just treat us like nothing lol.

hey ken, thanks for dropping by. maybe your best time will be sakura season! beautiful and chilling.

Merryn said...

I agree with Arthur. Those monkeys look very wise indeed like they are almost human. @_@

Linda said...

Looks fantastic, and your photos are so beautiful!

Sean said...

love the photo of the chilling monkey ... great timing to catch the shot with its expression looking so content and happy :D

Small Kucing said...

Lovely pics ☺

Yee Ling said...

Hmmm...the truck really got stuck there. Oh dear.

Snow monkeys on snow mountain.Beautiful sight.

Sybil said...

wooah. those family of monkey look so serene!!!
great views! thanks for sharing! :D

Animated Confessions

Irvine Chin said...

thx for dropping by guys!

Shirley Tay said...

Gosh, I've always wanted to see the Snow Monkey Park! I visit Japan every other year, but just never got to it. Love the shots!

Irvine Chin said...

Hi Shirley maybe you can consider on your next visit. if you enjoy the peace, you could consider a night or two.

Kati said...

Oh, these monkeys are so cute!


Huai Bin said...

Cool! We will be going back to Japan next year too. Haha! We saw a lot of random things buried in the snow too - cars, bicycles etc. I wonder who leaves them there and decides not to come back until the snow thaws in spring. I heard a lot about these monkeys too. There's also a kind which goes into hot springs.

Irvine Chin said...

Indeed they are kati =))

Huai Bin good to hear that! thats very fast going back haha. Yes these are the ones that go in the hot spring lol

1ondoncalling said...

I went to Sapporo couple of months ago. :)

Irvine Chin said...

good to hear that! near to you though ;)

Traveling Rockhopper said...

Looks wonderful covered by snow! :)

Irvine Chin said...

I Luv this place Rockhopper ;)


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Tokyo Day 4 : Snow Monkey Park, Jigokudani

Today we will be visiting the Wild Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Yaen-Koen. Jigokudani is located in the mountainous area near central Japan. P...