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Friday, 24 April 2015

Tokyo Day 2 : The Temple The Streets The City #I Luv #Tokyo City

Finally day light! Clear sky, sunny day, great for outdoors. Had a great evening and rest last night upon arrival. Today we will check out the famous Meiji Jingu Temple, stroll along Takeshita Dori Streets, towards Tokyo Tower and finally getting lost in Main City, Ginza Area. 

The Meiji Jingu Temple

The Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya Tokyo, surprisingly, in a forest in the city. This is the Shinto Shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken.

Strolling. Remember to Bow before Entering.

This place is covered by an evergreen forest, where one can enjoy a nice walk in the morning. We intentionally wake up very early in the morning, just to had a lovely stroll around this place, all the way to the shrine.

Please Rinse hand and mouth before entering the Temple

Well this is a very sacred place. Therefore, pay respect. Before entering the temple at the main entrance. Bow twice, clap twice and bow once. That's what i know from the guide hehe.

Make a Wish
Believe Gods are Getting Overloaded
Fortune Telling Time
Take a Stick :D
Get Your Omikuji - Poem-Drawing
The Qoute from Emperor Meiji
We did not take picture inside the Shrine as a sign of respect.

Takeshita-dori Streets

Next, we went out from the shrine, towards to the main road, Harajuku Station, there is a walking street filled with interesting shops for clothing, accessories, souvenirs, stalls, crepe shops!, cafe and restaurants, the Takeshita-dori Street. 

The Map

This will be a another long walk. Too much walking!


Don't miss this Takoyaki Stall just near the station. It was pretty good.

Long Que
Well Worth The Wait
The Street
At the end of the street, there is one crepe shop. One of my favourite snacks in Japan is the crepes. Bloody delicious.

One of the Famous Crepes
Need More!

You can walk along this street, towards Omotesando Street for more upscale shops. This direction will lead you towards the Tokyo Tower. But you need to take the metro. Therefore, you are travelling in one direction for the day, saving back/forth time.

The Tokyo Tower

We stopped at Akabanebashi Station and strolled along the streets towards the Tokyo Tower

I think is a good idea to spend some money on taxi to save both time and energy. Besides you have time and energy to walk.

We arrived! Fun to check out the icon building, although not much to compare with the French Eiffel Tower and the Emirati Burj Khalifah (click here). Inside you get some souvenir, snack stalls and food court.

There is also another tower called the Tokyo Skytree, which i heard was quite awesome and almost twice as tall. Too much tower for me, so i skipped it.

Had some delicious quick meal at one of the small stalls nearby. Nice, simple, home-cook style.

Ginza cum Imperial Palace

Our final stop for today will be Ginza! It is a popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo, with many internationally renowned stores, boutiques, restaurants, etc. Recognised as one of the most luxurious shopping district in the world.

Ginza Town from Imperial Palace Park
Well, great fun walking around this huge modern town.

Imperial Palace
What's interesting, is this huge garden having the Imperial Palace. We did not went in, more of sight seeing from the outside is more than enough.

Too huge, need some rest.

It is amazing to have such huge park in the main city area, with the Imperial Palace. Honestly it was a exhausting day, Tokyo was so huge and had so much to offer. SO MUCH WALKING. If i can reverse time, i would splurge extra on TAXI to give me the extra juice to experience more of Tokyo.

Night Shot
There is so much around Ginza, we just followed the crowd, checking all the shops and stalls, leading to anywhere that seems interesting. Getting lost around. Just be smart when walking so that you will end up at interesting places. (more like tourist/people attracted places). Well dont miss the Sony Building, Sony's flagship showroom featuring its newest products and prototypes.

Shopping in Tokyo City
We got lost, followed the shopping streets, and ended up at Yurakucho. Just near Ginza. A place with more shopping too, as a plus, famous food stalls and restaurants.

In addition, a very popular variety store that you must not miss, Yurakucho LOFT. I love this place, there are so much items, like wide variety of beauty & health care products, stationery, retails, modern gadgets, snacks and etc.

Row of Restaurants

This place is also famous of its food alleys, mostly under the overhead train tracks. Just like "hawker stalls". 

We went to this alley as it was near the place we were having our shopping. There is one restaurant that caught our interest. Glad that we tried, the food was delicious. Must Try and have a pint of local beer.

Love the Traditional Ambiance
The Food
Time flies when you are having so much fun. Today was only a city tour to few places in Tokyo. There are so much to see and to do here in Tokyo City. 

Regretted for not having more time here. We only have 6 Days (well 2 days are for arriving and departure). Tomorrow will be another long day! Not in the city, but a day trip away from city. Towards Hakone Mountain, to visit the "Valley of Hell" to find the "Black Eggs" an Owakudani specialty. It is said that eating one of these will add 7 years of your life.


Winnie Ding said...

I'm so jealous I want to cry!!! THOSE CREPES LOOK SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I just want to eat all those foods in your other pictures... Q__Q

Irvine Chin said...

hi winnie, yes the crepes looks and taste really good. am still missing them!

suituapui said...

Lovely quote. Yes, beautiful temples...one after another, and palaces too. Scenery and sightseeing, I do prefer places like New Zealand though.

Yee Ling said...

Awesome photos from Tokyo. I don't quite like visiting temples but not sure why Japan ones are exceptional. Probably the surrounded scenes that make it so serene and calm.

The Yum List said...

All looks intriguing. I'm not too fond of crowds however.

Irvine Chin said...

suituapui, thanks. yea new zealand have really gorgeous landscapes. very nice.

hi yee ling, yes, usually japan temples are famous and surrounds with beautiful gardens or rows of very interesting food and souvenirs stall. so is quite a fun place to visit.

hi yumlist~ then japan's out of city attractions suit you better. hotspring getaway :D

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